Enterprise IT teams need to have infrastructure that runs a portfolio of workloads such as general and mission critical business, VDI, data analytics and other applications.  This means that within their data center, the optimal infrastructure delivers capacity based on the needs of the workload.

The next-generation of VxBlock System – the VxBlock System 1000 – is all about choice and flexibility. It has the capability to provide optimized support for variety of workloads within a single system by offering a broader choice of Cisco UCS servers and Dell EMC storage. The VxBlock System 1000 continues integrated support for Cisco UCS Blade and Rack Servers, Cisco Nexus and MDS LAN and SAN switches, converged into a single product with Dell EMC storage and data protection plus the VMware vSphere hypervisor.

The VxBlock System 1000 can deliver up to 56% more compute resources (512 to 800 Cisco UCS Servers), mix and match UCS blade servers and rack servers, and provide four times more storage choices than previous-generation VxBlock Systems. This offers IT organizations a pool of resources that can be finely tuned to meet the specific needs of their varied workloads. Creating a bigger pool of diverse technologies in a single system can improve data center efficiency and return on investment by making it easier to allocate resources to workloads as demand changes, maximizing resource utilization and eliminating stranded capacity. Similar to previous generations of VxBlock Systems, the VxBlock System 1000 is a turnkey, engineered system which Dell EMC life cycle assures by delivering pre-validated, interoperable firmware upgrades for the entire technology stack on a regular basis.  That frees up IT staff to focus less on system maintenance and more on business projects and innovation.


Intent based networking support for Converged Infrastructure

At Cisco Live Barcelona 2018, Dell EMC announced Vscale Architecture support for Cisco’s Intent Based Network including the recently launched Cisco Network Assurance Engine.  Vscale is a Cisco-Dell EMC innovation that extends the life cycle assured experience of the VxBlock System to the entire data center across a Cisco Nexus leaf-spine network.

Cisco Intent Based Networking allows Vscale Architecture users to capture their network’s intent, accelerate change, predict outages and assure policy compliance. Cisco welcomes Dell EMC converged infrastructure to the growing partner ecosystem that are building new and innovative use cases for data center networking.

For more information, visit Cisco.com/ VxBlock

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Maggie Smith

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing