Cisco Live at Milan is an exciting place to be at this year. There are many new innovations and technology being showcased by teams from all across Cisco.

Below is a list of  interesting sessions to attend about the latest innovations at Cisco Live Milan 2015

Whisper suites Demos– New innovation demos. Please stop by to watch the live demos and get goodies:

Whisper suites : one on one meetings and presentations.

Breakout sessions :

  • BRKAPP-2032 – Introductory – Integrating Citrix Netscaler into Cisco Data Centers : Jeff Ostermiller
  • BRKDCT-2333 – Intermediate – Data Center Network Failure Detection : Arkadiy Shapiro

New RISE blog : Remote Integrated Service Engine at Cisco Live Milan

New ITD blog : Intelligent Traffic Director @ Cisco Live Milan

Nexus 7702 announcement : Nexus 7702 has a sweet spot in being a “services chassis” with RISE and ITD.

Nexus 5k/6k : RISE and ITD are planned  for Q1 CY 2015. Currently available for EFT.

 Nexus 7k/7700 :  Most recent NX-OS 6.2.10 has the following new features:

  • Weighted load balancing
  • L4 port based load balancing
  • Sandwich mode Node-State sync between two ITD services in  a VDC
  • DNS probe
  • Start/Stop/Clear ITD statistics collection
  • Show ITD statistics have % traffic distribution
  • Node-level standby
  • VRF support for ITD Service and Probes
  • Number of ITD services scaled up : 32 ITD services per VDC
  • Number of VIPs scaled up : 16 VIPs per ITD service
  • DCNM support using DevNet


Avni Baveja

Software Engineer

Data Center Group