One of the major burdens in today’s Data Center is the management of complex IT environments. It requires considerable staff time to configure, deploy, and manage application infrastructure. Increasingly Automation and Programmability are becoming top of mind for Developers and Operators as companies transform to cloud based business models.


Virtualization and Programmability of Network and Application Service Infrastructure is making it possible to test policies and configurations before production, in increasingly complex configurations.. This support and ability to test is paramount as DevOps continues to make its way into the network and bring with it the benefits developers and operators have begun to enjoy: stability of infrastructure, consistency of policy, and speed of deployment. By including critical network and application services as part of an extended Continuous Integration/Development (CI/CD) pipeline, organizations can enjoy the benefits of a more agile deployment pipeline.

Today, many customers are eager to learn and implement best practices on how Network Programmability and Automation can come to the rescue of Data Center operators, from initial network startup through provisioning of new workloads and end points and into visibility and monitoring of operations.

With Cisco Open NX-OS on the Cisco Nexus 9000 and Nexus 3000 Series switches, Cisco exposes the full power of the underlying Linux operating system. In addition, Cisco provides numerous extensions that make it possible to access these capabilities with the appropriate level of security and protection desired by the specific user. Likewise, F5 BIG-IP’s programmatic framework provides Developers, the ability to work with control plane, data plane and simplified application deployments through their iControl, iRules and iApp applications.

To further kindle your interest on this topic, I want to invite you for an online Panel session titled “Network Automation and Programmability for application deployments using Cisco Nexus® 9000 and F5 BIG-IP”, the latest episode of our series of live developer panels being hosted  by Cisco and F5. This episode is going to discuss capabilities and use cases for Network Automation and Programmability with the devices.

The Live Panel session will be held on Jan 20, 11 AM, PST.

Title: Network Automation and Programmability for application deployments using Cisco Nexus 9000 and F5 BIG-IP

Moderator: Ravi Balakrishnan

Panelists: Ranga Rao, Latha Vishnubhotla

Register Now for the event and you’ll be able to submit questions to be considered for answering during the seminar.

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