Recently at our Cisco Live user event, I had the opportunity to talk to many IT organizations about managing and maintaining their data center environment, and the common theme I heard time and again was “how do I get the most value for my existing data center investments?”

It became evident that many IT organizations didn’t build out their data center strategy with an end-to-end hardware and software strategy, but rather purchased numerous point products along the way and are trying to manage their environments as efficiently as possible on top of heterogeneous hardware and multiple element managers.

The good news is that Cisco’s UCS Director can manage their end-to-end infrastructure including multiple element managers and heterogeneous systems – across compute, storage, network, and hypervisor – from a single pane of glass.  And if they’re deploying integrated infrastructure systems like Vblock Systems, FlexPod, or VSPEX, the out-of-the-box support provided by Cisco UCS Director ensures faster provisioning processes, greater operational efficiency, and lower costs.

As evidenced in some of our recent case studies below – UCS Director is providing massive financial and time savings through unified infrastructure automation.  Here are some of the things these three customers are saying about the benefits they’ve experienced with UCS Director:

NEC“The effects of Cisco UCS Director have been enormous. Teams spend half as much time deploying environments. NESIC looked at other options for automated management tools for virtual environments, but only Cisco UCS Director could manage both virtual and physical environments.”

Hiroshi Matsuda
Head of the cloud architecture department
NEC Networks & System
Integration Corporation

Read the full case study here or below

ORBIT “Using Cisco UCS Director, we are unlocking the full potential of our converged FlexPod solution to automate provisioning and management of virtual machines for our developers.”

Mike Majunke
Head of infrastructure and platform services
ORBIT IT Solutions

Read the full case study here

DATA 3“We have been able to quadruple the number of workloads that are under management with zero increase to the administration team. That speaks to the dramatic productivity gains we have realized with this platform.”

John Griffin
Cloud Solutions Manager
Data#3 Limited

Read the full case study here


And as another UCS Director customer said, “It provides significant savings in both staff time and operational costs. And users get the resources they need much faster to do their jobs.” (from an article in State Technology magazine featuring David Newaj, infrastructure manager, San Joaquin County).

It’s been awe-inspiring to hear about the benefits that Cisco UCS Director customers continue to experience.  It’s not uncommon to hear about infrastructure services which once took weeks or even months to deliver, that can now be delivered within minutes using UCS Director.

To learn more about Cisco UCS Director, visit the web page here or join one of our upcoming webinars here to see a live demo.