You’re the head of IT facing the start of another week.   Another set of challenges.  Application teams going around IT.   Business teams expecting near-instant service.  Your company is growing fast.  Way beyond your ability to plan — let alone respond.

You may think this is far-fetched.  I speak with a lot of customers and this is anything but.  The question that follows is, “How do I move faster?”

In a recent study, IDC reports that 73% of organizations are evaluating or starting to deploy hybrid cloud. There are many benefits.  There are also many challenges.

Every company is different.  They have different processes, software, and ways of doing things.  But, a large number of hybrid cloud solutions take a cookie cutter approach. You have to fit into their journey.  Install all 10, 15, 20 components whether you want them or not.

Welcome to the next generation of hybrid cloud management.  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite provides all the tools your business needs for hybrid cloud.  Watch this video to learn more.

Cisco gets that your business is unique.  Your transformation process should be too.  The modular components of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite allow you to start at the place of greatest need.  For many, that’s the data center.

This solution delivers comprehensive automation that places you on the road to becoming an industrial power house.  Deliver infrastructure within minutes.  Deploy applications into approximately 20 different data center, private or public environments. Deliver consistent Hadoop and Splunk clusters.

Provide a unified service catalog.   Stop catalog sprawl.  Empower customers to order and manage their own services.

Automated services contain usage and compliance policies.  Your business is safe and in compliance.

Challenges are reduced.  You meet service expectations.  Everyone’s productivity increases.  You’re no longer anxious about Monday morning.

Take the next step and learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco