Ball Manufacturing is a world-class business manufacturing up to 100 millions cans a day during their peak season.  They have 14,500 employees and 10 plants worldwide.  When the contract with their previous provider was about to expire, they saw an opportunity to upgrade their operations by having Freudenberg IT (FIT) host their central systems.  The challenge: FIT would have only four months to deliver the entire cloud solution.

Klaus Dieckerhoff, VP IT and Services at Ball Packaging Europe, says, “Our contract with the previous provider was due and we were looking for alternatives to host the full set of Ball’s central systems.”  The most important points for Ball were the stability, flexibility, and scalability of their mission-critical environments.  They needed world-class data privacy and end-to-end security as well.

According to Horst Reichardt, CEO, Freudenberg IT, “FIT is a full IT service provider.  And Cisco Powered cloud services from FIT provide a scalable and resilient platform for Ball to focus on their business, freeing them from handling downtime, worrying about availability, or caring about how the hardware is running.”

“What we like about Freudenberg IT is that they are very competent with their environments,” says Dieckerhoff.  “They know exactly what they’re talking about, and on a technical level they’re very, very skilled.”

“Cisco actually helped us make our life simpler,” adds Christoph Linden, Director Platforms and Technology, Freudenberg IT.  “The platform they provide simplifies our way of providing and scaling our cloud infrastructure.  That means applications are available all the time, at the highest possible standards.”

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Xander Uyleman

Senior Manager

Global Partner Marketing