Your mission-critical data needs to be available, protected, and secure. With the launch of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016, there’s an opportunity to transform your data platform with breakthrough mission-critical capabilities, in-memory performance, and built-in operational analytics. In addition, enhancements to AlwaysOn technology deliver world-class high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions.

Is your infrastructure ready to capitalize on these new enhancements?

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Microsoft, Cisco and SanDisk have teamed up to demonstrate how SQL Server 2016 installed on the Cisco UCS server platform with SanDisk Flash changes time-to-value, advanced analytics, visualized business insights and more – all in an incredibly high-performing, economical, and efficient way.

The webinar will cover:
– What’s new in SQL Server 2016
– Benchmark test results of the combined solution
– Performance, economic, and manageability benefits
– A Customer case study with Microsoft SQL Server installed on the Cisco UCS server platform with SanDisk storage.

With the End of Support for Microsoft SQL 2005 and the support for Microsoft SQL 2008 coming right on its heals, many SQL customers are migrating their platform to the latest version of Microsoft SQL. This also requires an upgrade to their infrastructure to handle the increase functionality of the product. The Microsoft, Cisco, and SanDisk solution ensures you are implementing a flash-optimized SQL Server platform to achieve maximum performance, greater capacity, and high availability, with reduced operational and management costs.

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