On July 10, 2017, Cisco introduced the next generation of UCS servers,UCS M5; that deliver simplicity, performance and a future-proofed design.   But along with new servers, Cisco also announced enhancements to its data center and cloud portfolio.

Data centers are complex environments and forecasts indicate that the complexity will continue to grow. Workloads are growing at an impressive 26% over the next two years.  Unfortunately IT budgets are growing at a meager 3% over the same time frame.  With the same staffing levels, you need to monitor and manage more memory, more storage, more of everything.

Adopting automation into your environment has never been more important.

The latest release of Cisco UCS Director and Workload Optimization Manager significantly reduce data center complexity while applying advanced analytics to assure application performance and SLAs.

UCS Director’s single point of control lets you be the director of your business. Built for simplicity and control, it provides clarity of your entire environment allowing you to focus on higher level decision making. Watch this video to learn more.

The latest release of UCS Director extends automation beyond basic infrastructure delivery with enhanced automation to run native PowerShell commands or scripts, automate vMotion mobility across data centers and support the new VMware VMRC based console.

Workload Optimization Manager converts your data center into a marketplace whose goal is to achieve equilibrium across demand, supply and utilization.  Designed with a deeper level of integration across Cisco UCS chassis, blades, fabric interconnects and IO modules, your business benefits from richer allocation decisions along with higher workload densities.  Integration with Cisco UCS Director allows you to take the first step towards autonomic delivery of resources.   Here’s how.

When demand for a host or storage commodity exceeds available supply, Workload Optimization Manager leverages UCS Director’s workflows to provision or suspend a host, provision or suspend a storage environment or resize an existing storage environment.  And it happens without IT intervention.

The accountable cloud functionality within Workload Optimization Manager delivers cost comparisons across on premise and cloud environments assuring workloads get the best performance at the greatest cost efficiency.

Data centers are complex places.  The combination of Cisco UCS, UCS Director and Workload Optimization Manager allow you to tame complexity.  Free you to create innovative new solutions for the business.

Contact your Cisco sales representative or partner to learn more about UCS Director and Workload Optimization Manager.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco