The increasing pace of business is creating high demand for IT efficiency and speed.

IT directly affects your ability to respond correctly and quickly to new opportunities.  Slow IT equates to slow business.

The latest release of Cisco UCS Director allows IT to automate the deployment of infrastructure delivering the speed and efficiency IT needs in order to support business demands.

Not familiar with Cisco UCS Director?  Briefly, this solution reduces data center complexity by replacing manual provisioning tasks with unified automated workflows that span compute, network, storage and virtualization.  But this solution doesn’t manage just Cisco products.  It unites Cisco UCS-based integrated infrastructures and third-party hardware solutions into a single management view to ensure maximum IT efficiency.  Heterogeneous management is just one of the features that makes Cisco UCS Director different.  You can learn more by going here.

But wait you say, my data center is one thing but what about my remote office locations? The most recent release of Cisco UCS Director extends automation into remote office environments to provide unified provisioning and management across both environments.  Imagine the cost and time savings your IT organization will achieve with automated, centralized provisioning that can support teams anywhere. Cisco Cloud Strategy November 2014

Every vendor talks about cost and time savings and now these savings can be quantified. Testing completed by Principled Technologies shows an 88.4% reduction in the number of steps to provision six servers when Cisco UCS Director is utilized compared to the number of steps required with manual provisioning. Your business may be provisioning more than six servers at a time, but the time savings are cumulative as is your business’ ability to respond to new requirements or projects.

But there’s even more good news.  This round of testing focused on the provisioning of servers.  Cisco UCS Director’s automation offers broad coverage because it spans your entire infrastructure:  compute, network, storage and virtualization.  Details on cost savings at this level will be available over the next few months but it isn’t hard to envision the benefits to your business.

At a time when the pace of business continues to increase, the use of Cisco UCS Director’s automated provisioning and management can positively affect your business’ ability to respond to new markets and new opportunities. Bottom line, your business can experience new outcomes.

Learn more about the latest release of Cisco UCS Director.

[1] “Simplifying server provisioning with Cisco UCS Director,” Principled Technologies, November, 2014.



Joann Starke

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