Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC K3P-Q Adapter Is Ready for Order.

Cisco is pleased to announce the Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC, our latest high-density, ultra-low latency smart network interface card is now orderable on Cisco Commerce Workplace.

Key Features and Benefits for Ultra-Low Latency Systems

Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC users can achieve software trigger-to-response latencies as low as 596ns, accelerating tick-to-trade performance to previously unachievable speeds, and improve the efficiency of software-based ultra-low latency systems. The Nexus X100 SmartNIC features two QSFP28 ports that can be deployed in an 8-channel 10/25G* configuration or a 2 channel 40G* configuration. It also supports seamless kernel-bypass application acceleration with ExaSOCK, direct programmability with libexanic, high-resolution timestamping (4ns), and IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization capabilities.

*available in future firmware upgrade release

Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC
Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC

Extend the Life of Your NIC Adapters

The Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC is built with the latest generation Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA devices that extend the useful life of the adapter by enabling new features and speed enhancements to be downloaded into the adapter after deployment. For example, the SmartNIC will support 25/40Gb/s Ethernet speeds through a new firmware download update. This flexibility can reduce capital expenditure on lengthy and difficult infrastructure upgrades.

Expand and Enhance with Programmable NIC Options

Today’s enterprise environments increasingly need to program network devices to support new application innovation. The Nexus X100 SmartNIC meets this need with deep programmability and customization options using the recently expanded and enhanced Firmware Development Kit (FDK). This allows the user to build custom network data processing functions inside the NIC that operate at higher bandwidth and lower latency than traditional NIC adapter / software approaches. The Nexus X100 SmartNIC optionally ships with 9GB of DDR4 memory to support a wide array of custom data processing applications.

To learn more, contact your Cisco Account Manager or visit cisco.com/go/nexussmartnic



Todd Pritchett

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Cloud Networking