Want to simplify and scale your virtual networks? Want to optimize performances of virtual applications? Want to improve your end user experience? Want to tap into full value of virtualization? Cisco Remote Integrated Service Engine(RISE) technology can fulfill these demands. Customers are using RISE-Enabled Citrix NetScaler 1000v to build their next generation networks. Cisco RISE is supported on Nexus Series of Switches like Nexus 7K,5K,6K etc.

As you may know, Citrix NetScaler 1000V is a virtualized application delivery controller solution. You can use RISE to simplify management, provisioning of network resources. Once RISE is enabled, Virtual ADC appliance will operate as a remote service module of the network switch it’s connected to.

Intelligent traffic redirection with RISE

Auto PBR is an innovative feature which enables services to be deployed easily and faster in the network. RISE enabled devices like Citrix NetScaler 1000v can create, delete or modify traffic steering policies on Nexus switches.

On demand provisioning

Policies can be automatically applied in a virtualization-aware manner. Depending on workloads policies can be sent to Nexus Switches to expand capacity and increase scale.

Routing Capability Offload for Improved ADC efficiency

Offload routing capability to the Nexus 7k/5k or 6k. RISE Route Health Injection is used to advertise the Virtual IP’s and other routes to the network. Service appliances no more need to implement and maintain routing protocols.

Significant CapEx and OpEx savings: 

RISE provides enhanced data path optimizations and simplified provisioning that allows customers to witness significant CapEx and OpEx savings thereby providing business continuity and cost reduction.

 Reduced Total cost of Ownership (TCO): 

Fully integrated with Nexus 7000 switches, RISE fosters simplified manageability, automated operation and increased utilization of application delivery resources.

Access to Nexus Control Plane

RISE enabled Citrix NetScaler has access to the Switch control plane makes networks simpler, faster and easier to provision and debug.

Reduced Overall Cost :
Multiple NetScaler 1000v instances can be deployed to scale and optimize without dependence on the specific server hardware.

Flexible Virtual Form Factor:
With NetScaler 1000V, customers can have consistency across their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, along with Citrix NetScaler physical appliances. Since RISE is supported on all NetScaler platform consistency can be maintained

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Avni Baveja

Software Engineer

Data Center Group