iCAM (Intelligent CAM) is Cisco’s breakthrough innovation that provides traffic analytics, per-feature hardware usage, recommendations and more, natively on the switch/router.

So why is this important?   In today’s datacenter network, customers lack visibility into traffic patterns inside and outside the company. Whether it’s heavy internal application traffic between departments (e.g. HR, Finance), or it is external to the public cloud, how do you get visibility into your network switch, and the internal hardware tables.  And that’s   where you can truly start to profile your traffic, visualize specific application traffic patterns and understand which water marks are being reached.

Imagine a system where customers

  1. Get visibility about traffic patterns.
  2. Get info about which subnets and L4 ports are hitting top x % of the traffic
  3. Get deep analysis of how their hardware is being used. How much of each hardware table is being used by each feature.
  4. Get recommendation from the network equipment. Eg, if they have reached some high watermarks and are at risk due to scale. Or recommendation to make a configuration change to allow for higher scale or make other tradeoffs.
  5. Can automatically eliminate redundant configurations. Eg, ACL entries that have not been hit in 2 years, but are hogging the precious TCAM space.
  6. and so on..

Our patent pending technologies, allow all of this to be natively done in the switch/router.

There is no solution today which can do all of the above.

Using iCAM, customer can enjoy:

  • CAPEX savings: Using iCAM, customers have to buy exactly what they need. Network design becomes a science and not an art.
  • OPEX savings: Makes it very easy for sales teams, services teams, troubleshooting teams.
  • 10x Higher availability of IT infrastructure

iCAM is a revolutionary technology that addresses the new trends in Cloud, Inter-cloud, fog computing, Fabric based solutions, NFV (Network Function Virtualization), SDN (Software defined Networking), DCI(Data Center Interconnect), Telemetry/Analytics, EaaS (Everything as a Service), IoE (Internet of Everything), VXLAN,  collaboration, etc.

Almost all customers of IT equipment would be interested in deploying iCAM.

We are creating more videos, blogs etc as of this writing. There is a fantastic GUI which is available too.


For more information, please send email to nxos-icam@cisco.com


Samar Sharma

Intelligent Traffic Director for Nexus 9k/7k/6k/5k