We are excited to announce HyperFlex 2.0!

The incredible momentum of the HyperFlex business continues as we rapidly expand across a broader set of new customers and verticals while scaling-out HX footprints of current customers. For example, one of our early adopters – Ready Pac Foods – has decided to go 100% HyperFlex hyperconvergence in all their data center locations. HyperFlex also continues to help our UCS customers extend their compute and external storage environments with hyperconvergence – utilizing the benefits of the UCS platform and management policies.

It’s now time to Drop Hyperconvergence into Top Gear!

With this 2.0 release we are dropping hyperconvergence into top-gear and putting in the smarts for a consistent and maximized performance in each gear – supercharging your applications across the data center.

HyperFlex 2.0 introduces new Cisco innovations in compute, storage and networking to further expand hyperconvergence within your environment. We are launching new high-performance All Flash HX nodes coupled with high-throughput, 40 Gbps 3rd Generation UCS fabric networking. With higher storage density and more performance options, HyperFlex now provides even better support for data and I/O intensive applications.


Fit HyperFlex To Your Applications

HyperFlex already provides the best selection of configuration options by allowing customers to mix hybrid HX nodes with compute-only nodes, optimizing for specific application needs and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

With this release, customers can now choose to go All Flash with HyperFlex 220c All Flash and HyperFlex 240c All Flash nodes for both business-as-usual and business-critical applications.

High Performance and Consistency

The HX Data Platform has been written specifically for hyperconvergence, designed to ensure your virtualized applications run smoothly across the data center. With the new HyperFlex All Flash nodes, coupled with 3rd Generation 40 Gbps UCS fabric networking, customers can expect blazing fast performance with up to 6X IOPS throughput and 80% reduction in latency, enabling consistent application performance for your HyperFlex clusters

Hyperconverge More Applications

In the past year we have seen adoption in all verticals using HyperFlex in a wide variety of use cases. We are constantly innovating to ensure you can migrate more of your applications and get the full benefits of complete hyperconvergence to achieve truly adaptive infrastructure.

HyperFlex All Flash nodes make it easy to extend your HyperFlex cluster to data and I/O intensive workloads such as SQL databases and latency-sensitive applications, further expanding the simplicity of hyperconvergence throughout your data center

Cisco HyperFlex is engineered on Cisco UCS – the foundation for thousands of private and hybrid cloud environments. For many of our Data Center customers, Cisco HyperFlex is part of a complete data center strategy that includes integration with UCS Director (UCSD) and the Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS). Make sure to check back soon, when we share more about how ECS and HyperFlex deliver cloud automation and self-service capabilities, enabling on-demand service delivery while lowering operational costs for your organization.

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Gil Haberman

Product Manager

HyperFlex Product Marketing