When it comes to managing hyperconverged infrastructure, simplicity is the key. Unfortunately, for many solutions the underlying infrastructure is inflexible and complex and so is cluster management. We designed Cisco HyperFlex Connect with three goals: to make it super easy to use; unify the management so you don’t have to switch between platforms to mange multiple clusters; and to make the interface smart and intuitive.


Easy to Read

Cisco HyperFlex Connect manages your Cisco HyperFlex systems. It’s easy to use. As you can see in the screen shot below, the top-level view of the interface gives you a quick way to view your cluster’s health.

HyperFlex Connect Dashboard


Can Be Accessed Anywhere

The Cisco HyperFlex Connect interface is an HTML 5 GUI that it is accessible anywhere and at anytime on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Here’s an example of how it shows up on a tablet:

HyperFlex Connect on a Tablet

No matter what device you use to access HyperFlex Connect, you get a birds-eye-view that is easy read. In addition, HyperFlex Connect has role-based access control (RBAC) so that you choose what level of access and authority your users can have. For example, you can set up a user with read-only access or assign them an administrator role with complete control of the cluster.

Hover to Quickly Get More Information

You can hover your mouse over individual nodes and see disk details immediately (below) or hover your mouse over any of the running performance graphs to see the actual statistics at a given time.

Node Health


Drill Down for More Information

The navigation menu (on the left) can be used to monitor, analyze, protect and manage your Cisco HyperFlex Cluster. The screen shot below shows the “System Information” page (found under the “Manage” heading) where you can see a visual representation of your cluster. Here you can adjust options and see the current state of nodes in your cluster.

System Information


Easily Troubleshoot Network Issues

You can see details of your cluster’s performance (below). If you hover your mouse over a particular place in the performance graph, you can see all 3 values for easy analysis and troubleshooting.

Performance Graph


Alarms Automatically Notify You of System Health

Cisco HyperFlex Connect can proactively notify you of any issues with more than 80 alarms. Some of the predefined alarms include:

  • Cluster storage approaching full
  • Cluster storage is full.
  • Cluster upgrade to version xx.yy has completed
  • Cluster is read-only
  • A new node has joined the cluster


And More…

  • View the state of virtual machines running on the cluster (Manage->Virtual Machines) and configure replication of protection groups of your virtual machines (Protect->Replication).
  • Type in specific commands or bring up the menu of available commands to gain even more fine-grain details about the cluster in the WebCLI screen (Manage->WebCLI).
  • Gain support through Cisco Smart Call Home with real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected.

We designed Cisco HyperFlex Connect to be easy to read and easy to use. If you want more information about Cisco HyperFlex systems or a demo of Cisco HyperFlex Connect contact your local Cisco representative or reseller.



Stephen Selgrade

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing