Hitachi Vantara recently introduced several new additions to its portfolio that drive data center modernization and complement Cisco Storage Networking offerings (Press Release).  This included new, high-performance storage systems with a 100 percent data availability guarantee, cross-platform AI-powered analytics, along with IT automation software for intelligent end-to end data center resource orchestration.

These new offerings give customers unprecedented agility and automation to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies toward a vision of autonomous operations in their data centers. Executing on this vision means that companies with data center environments of all sizes can benefit from increased application performance, superior operational efficiency and reduced risk of downtime and data loss.

This product strategy mirrors our own with the goal of delivering scale, speed, visibility, and simplicity through latest SAN and Storage innovations. As I wrote then, faster, smarter, simpler are benefits all customers want no matter the size of their data center operations.

This is true because as data center operations become more complex, operational efficiencies can deteriorate and the risks of downtime or data loss increase. These are issues that the new Hitachi Vantara advanced AI operations software portfolio, which includes Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor, Hitachi Automation Director and Hitachi Data Instance Director, were purpose-built to address.

These are the highlights:

  • Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor uses machine learning to more efficiently optimize, troubleshoot and predict data center needs. New capabilities include predictive analytics, faster root-cause analysis using a patented AI engine for identifying issues and recommending resolution.
  • Hitachi Automation Director software provides an “engine” for orchestrating the delivery and management by automating core IT service delivery routines. This includes virtual machine, network zoning and storage and data protection tasks to reduce errors that impact uptime, customer experiences and return on investment (ROI).

AI operations software Orchestrates standard IT processes, such as storage provisioning to improve IT responsiveness and efficiencies. A single provisioning policy for Hitachi storage systems and Cisco SAN configurations accelerates and simplifies operations based on best practices. Optimized provisioning is always used on every deployment thus eliminating human error and transforming IT into a services-oriented delivery model.

Why Hitachi and Cisco

Jointly, the Cisco and Hitachi Vantara set new standards for storage networking, providing customers with choice as well as breakthrough levels of user experience and operational efficiency. The decades-long Hitachi Vantara and Cisco partnership has continually delivered state of-the-art innovations designed to accelerate the speed of innovation and deliver real-time high-performance storage solutions to customers.

To learn more about the recent Hitachi Vantara announcement, read the blogs below:

Ideal for a wide variety of storage networking use cases, the Cisco MDS networking portfolio offers a combination of performance, non-stop operations, and multiprotocol flexibility that is complemented by the versatility and performance of the Hitachi storage portfolio. Together, the two companies enable customers to simplify and eliminate guesswork from IT by providing best-in-class IT process automation and real ROI with complete ecosystem insights.

For more information about the complete Cisco storage networking portfolio, go to www.cisco.com/go/mds

Tony Antony
Sr. Marketing Manager


Tony Antony