Companies have been trying to figure out how to simplify and automate their data center and cloud operations for decades. And until recently, doing more with less (cost, complexity, and human intervention) has remained an elusive goal.

The proliferation of cloud, DevOps, and colocation models created a divergent effect that both fueled and complicated these ambitions. On one hand, they showed how quickly IT resources can be deployed in support of continually evolving business needs. On the other hand, they created additional technology siloes that had to be managed individually, raising IT costs and complexity in the process.

But the vision of a simplified, automated, cost-effective infrastructure that spans multiple domains has become a distinct reality. And the utopian vision of “hands-free IT” isn’t that far off.

With workloads no longer confined to the data center, companies have been clamoring for infrastructure systems and tools that enable operational consistency and efficiency – regardless of the underlying systems that often span on-premises, cloud, and colocation environments. And IT providers have been working diligently to address those needs.

Hyperconverged infrastructure systems like Cisco HyperFlex, software-defined networks like Cisco ACI, and cloud-based management tools like Cisco Intersight are specifically built for integration and automation. Because they work across domains and workloads, they provide an essential glue that eliminates administrative siloes and effectively reduces the complexity and cost of IT orchestration.

Money Mart is one example of a company that has successfully aligned and simplified its data center and cloud infrastructure, and it is well on its way to the ultimate goal of hands-free IT. But it didn’t happen overnight, and important lessons were learned along the way.

I’ll go into more detail about those lessons in the second part of this blog. And I’ll explain why the latest tools are the keys to data center alignment, hybrid IT orchestration, and operational efficiency.

In the meantime, take a look at the Money Mart case study.


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