Business is all about applications.  They run your business. Capture new market opportunities. Drive revenue. What if you could accelerate delivery of new applications? Deploy them across any on premise or public cloud quickly?

That’s exactly what you can do if you are using Cisco CloudCenter.  Part of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, this solution is designed to automate modeling, configuration and deployment of your applications.  You deliver solutions faster. Watch this video to learn more.


Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is designed with four key components that work standalone or combined to deliver hybrid cloud. No need to purchase software you don’t need. Rather purchase just the right amount of automation for today.  Then expand.  The components include:

Powered by Cisco CloudCenter, the cloud management component allows both IT and application teams to work together to build a model, known as an application profile.  This profile is cloud neutral. It allows your teams to combine golden images along with middleware, configuration of firewall ports, security and scaling policies into a single profile. Once designed, the profile can be run on any on premise or public cloud platform including AWS, Azure, Google Compute, AWS Government Cloud or vCloud Air, just to name a few.

Without Cisco CloudCenter, things are not so efficient.  Yes, public cloud platforms deliver instances quickly.  But automating them is another matter. Your teams need the knowledge of the proprietary APIs.  Write scripts for each platform.  Test and QA the scripts.  Release to production. But you’re not done.  Applications are dynamic.  Your application teams need to continuously update and maintain these scripts.

Fast is the new mantra in business today.  Cisco CloudCenter is delivering 60% time savings to customers.  Reducing application delivery cycles by 33%.  That’s efficiency that goes right to your bottom line.

See how Cisco can fuel faster application delivery.  Take the next step and learn more.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco