How Avit used Cisco HyperFlex to build up their VDI compute power

It’s hard for humans to be perfect. Because we are human: short, tall, old, young, crazy, shy, etc.

Complete transformations are hard for us to achieve! After all, we must work with what we have and, unfortunately, we’re not able to replace our key organs to enhance their performance.

An enhanced Data Center gets your business noticed

Giving your Data Center a makeover, unlike a human being, is not only achievable but essential to keeping your business competitive:

Too slow? Speed up! Bloated? Gut everything! Need Rest? HA! Data Centers run optimally around the clock 24/7.

Yet, humans and Data Centers do have one thing in common when trying to reach their full potential: Great Partners who help them be the finest tuned machines they can be.

Perfect Partners create better Data Centers

Avit is a rising organization in the Netherlands who built their successful reputation by helping companies realize their digital transformations by offering flexible and exceptional Data Center IT solutions.

What Avit’s VDI needed

“We wanted to increase our compute power so we could provide concurrent VDI sessions and scale accordingly” said Marco Remkes, Avit’s Technical Director. “We sell cloud solutions, so we needed to find a flexible way to scale-up and enhance our capacity. Easy installation and configuration was essential.”

Marco Remkes, Avit’s Technical Director

Cisco: The Perfect Data Center Partner for Digital Transformations

As Marco and Avit were actively seeking a solution to empower their VDI network, they immediately considered Cisco, with whom they maintained a successful, longstanding relationship.

“In my experience, when you use the Cisco portfolio, good things happen! That’s why we try to build solutions around it,” Marco explained. “As a Cisco Gold partner, we love Cisco and sell 100% Cisco solutions. We had a great experience when we successfully ran our Data Center using ACI, and were one of their first partners. So naturally, I am always interested in partnering with Cisco on their latest technology.”

Meet Cisco HyperFlex: Make your VDI SUPER fast and always on

Marco contacted Cisco and learned about HyperFlex. The more he learned, the more he began to believe that this could be an ideal solution for their VDI compute issues, as Cisco HyperFlex is a Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution. Everything, including CPU, memory, network and storage is optimized in the software to work with each other. HyperFlex also uses the latest versions of the Intel CPU’s.

As a result of all these capabilities, Marco decided to purchase HyperFlex to scale their VDI desktop as a solution. He started integrating UCS blade servers with NetApp Storage and VMWare virtualization. He also extended Avit Cloud Connected Hotel with HyperFlex, in order to provide more capacity for their Desktop as a Service.

6 Ways HyperFlex enhances VDI Compute Power

The Big Reveal: New Avit VDI compute Power is easy to install and cheetah fast

“HyperFlex delivered 20% more compute power to VDI than was expected!” Marco declared. ”Our team was surprised by how easy HyperFlex was to integrate. We plan to add more nodes to the cluster for future growth and to add more nodes with NVIDIA cards to support graphics-intensive workloads such as AutoCAD. Obviously, we were extremely pleased and are now considering new lucrative business opportunities.”

Want to be the next Avit and take your Data Center to the next level? Have a look and  discover all the amazing things you can do with HyperFlex.


Richard Cashdan

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