Day 2: Today we continue our 10 Customers in 10 Days Data Center Anywhere series with Orvis.

The Orvis Company is the world leader in fly fishing equipment and adventurous living, with retail and data center operations in both the U.S. and UK. “We are a true omni-channel business, and our website makes up more than 50% of our revenue,” says Jackie Ramsey, senior systems engineer. “Our goal in IT is to enable true seamlessness between retail, call center, and web while ensuring stability, security, and scalability for all three channels.”

To accomplish this, Orvis needed to unify three separate data center environments for testing/development, production and business recovery. “The complexity and lack of agility tied the hands of our business behind its back and tripled the work of our technologists,” said Tyson Martin, director and chief information security officer.

To unify it’s infrastructure, Orvis selected Cisco HyperFlex and now has two environments running: VSI with core applications including e-commerce, point of sale warehouse systems, operations, and its critical SQL database; and VDI, holding all call -center agent desktops. The organization also leverages Cisco Intersight cloud-management platform to see all data centers in one view.

With HyperFlex, Orvis has experienced a 66% increase in efficiency and is also adding new services. “We have rolled out a new e-commerce experience for 2019,” says Ramsey. “We’ve integrated tailored responsive experience based on device and geography for improved customer service.”

To find out more about how Orvis is able to improve critical app performance and the e-commerce experience, read the Orvis case study.

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Todd Brannon

Product Management Senior Director, Cisco Compute