Over the last several years Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure has been at the center of combining together technologies from industry leaders into integrated systems that dramatically reduce complexity while improving operational efficiencies and time to deployment. FlexPod is a leader in the integrated infrastructure segment, with greater than 7000 customers in more than 100 countries. These customers have come to trust FlexPod to be the foundation for their virtualized infrastructure, cloud computing, desktop virtualization, and enterprise applications.

The need for speed in the technology industry is not a new concept. However, in this instance we are not referring to processor performance or networking bandwidth but rather the ability to quickly and simply deploy IT infrastructure to meet the needs of the business. Cisco and NetApp, working closely with our channel partners, have introduced FlexPod with Infrastructure Automation. This new FlexPod solution utilizes Cisco UCS Mini, NetApp FAS storage, and automation capabilities that radically simplify and accelerate the ordering, delivery, and installation of IT at remote and branch office locations.

FlexPod_IACisco, NetApp, and Avnet have released a new configuration that is preassembled and fully cabled in a rack, simplifying and reducing the order and delivery process from weeks to days. An easy-to-use management interface initiates the automated configuration process by using prevalidated computing, network, and storage templates. The result is that in roughly five business days a customer can procure a FlexPod solution that is ready to be deployed and within minutes of unpacking, a virtualized infrastructure can be instantiated, poised for application deployment.

Eliminate Islands of Infrastructure
FlexPod with infrastructure automation can seamlessly integrates with existing Cisco UCS and FlexPod infrastructure by leveraging established skill sets and management software, helping to eliminate the creation of infrastructure silos. After the solution is deployed, our worldwide cooperative support model make it easy and cost effective to own. The ability to independently scale computing and storage resources based on the needs of your business is what has always made FlexPod unique. FlexPod with infrastructure automation simplifies and accelerates the deployment of virtualized infrastructure to help create an agile IT environment. For additional information on FlexPod with infrastructure automation please read NetApp’s blog and the collateral below:



Tim Stack

Product Marketing Manager

Data Center and Virtualization