The data center is one of the most dynamic realms in technology today. As applications and devices proliferate and produce a dizzying array of physical, virtualized and highly distributed workloads, we see the explosion of raw data. That data – if properly refined – holds a wealth of invaluable insights that give businesses the keys to greater competitive advantage, healthier outcomes and rapid growth. Now more than ever, business needs the data center to be wherever data is. It needs a high-performing, scalable and flexible compute/network/storage infrastructure with secure access to all apps and devices at any time, from anywhere in the world – including Dell Technologies World!

Taking the data center to the data requires the ability to create high bandwidth availability and low latency storage access across the continuum from the edge to multicloud. As a gold sponsor of this year’s Dell Technologies World, Cisco is excited to showcase and demonstrate the key pieces of its data center product and solution portfolio that make taking the data center anywhere a reality.

Automate, Scale and Optimize Your Data Center

Cisco experts onsite (Booth 1103) at DTW will demonstrate how our storage networking and data center solutions can help your business automate, scale and optimize to meet the challenges of digital transformation and drive toward your business goals. Discussion and demo highlights will include:


NVMe-oF Solutions Bring Safe, Enterprise-Scale Storage Technology to the Data Center

NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is one of the fastest growing storage technologies. Cisco and its partners – Virtual InstrumentsDell EMC, and SANBlaze – collaborated to create an integrated NVMe-oF solution that is safe for enterprise data centers. Virtual Instruments will demonstrate this multi-company ecosystem solution at DTW (Booth 501), featuring Cisco MDS switches connected to Dell EMC PowerMax arrays, with the massive simulated load generated by Virtual Instruments’s WorkloadWisdom storage workload modeling and analytics integrated with the SANBlaze VirtuaLUN load generator.

The entire environment will be monitored from end-to-end by Virtual Instruments’s VirtualWisdom, which will showcase new, agentless integrations to Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming (NVMe-oF) and Dell EMC NVMe-oF PowerMAX that collect, monitor, correlate, and analyze data from the application servers to the PowerMAX. Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming provides on-switch, out-of-band monitoring of NVMe-oF I/O storage traffic.

If you can’t join us at DTW, you can catch a replay of Virtual Instruments’s webinar, Does Your Data Center Need NVMe? or check out some great NVMe content from our blog: NVME for Absolute Beginners and Ethernet Transport for NVMe-oFYou can also watch this excellent video featuring Cisco UCS C-Series and NVMe.

Move from Reactive to Proactive with Cisco SAN Analytics

Do you have trouble getting visibility for FC traffic flows to support applications, troubleshoot slow drain problems, and optimize the SAN for new storage investments such as all flash or NVMe storage arrays? Learn how Cisco SAN Analytics can be easily, incrementally and cost-effectively deployed to address this need by visiting the Cisco booth, speaking with our SAN experts, and requesting the new Cisco SAN Analytics Deployment Overview paper.

In the paper, explore how end-to-end SAN analytics capabilities can:

  • Make SCSI flows traversing a multi-vendor SAN infrastructure visible – even if the initiator server and/or target storage devices use lower-speed 16 Gbps SAN connections
  • Provide flexible deployment options to address the full range of MDS SAN customer environments
  • Give complete visibility across your entire Fibre Channel SANs for every flow at line rate and without any performance degradation





Tony Antony