Cisco UCS Director delivers new levels of orchestration and automation for Cisco HyperFlex Systems.

Last Saturday was the first day of the Chinese New Year when we entered the year of the Rooster. Among the symbols associated with the year of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac are fidelity, punctuality, hard work and diligence. So, as we enter a new lunar year under such omens, now seems like a good time for applying some of that hard work and diligence to your data center’s workloads through better automation and orchestration.

Last week in their blog, Ken Spear and Gil Haberman discussed how UCS Director could help set up IaaS on Cisco HyperFlex Systems our new hyperconverged infrastructure platform.

Today I’d like to explore a different use case and show you how UCS Director can help automate lifecycle operations for Cisco HyperFlex Systems VDI workloads.

Cisco HyperFlex Systems, adaptable, optimal infrastructure for VDI

HyperFlex Systems delivers complete hyperconvergence by combining compute, storage and networking into a simplified, easy to use platform. HyperFlex provides a cluster configuration that scales resources independently to closely match the resource needs of your VDI environment. Because HyperFlex can scale compute and storage resources independently, it brings additional flexibility to your VDI deployments. As a matter of fact, close to 50% of our customers use HyperFlex for VDI.

Watch this short video to see how UCS Director HyperFlex automation workflow provides simplicity from node deployment to datastore provisioning for your VDI deployments.

Automating Cisco HyperFlex VDI infrastructure provisioning

Your VDI deployment may need to expand due to external business factors such as demand seasonality or a merger & acquisition for instance. Cisco HyperFlex Systems’ ability to scale out easily and non-disruptively is key in those cases. As the number of virtual desktops increases, you need to provision additional nodes quickly and efficiently. This is where UCS Director can help. UCS Director automates the lifecycle operations of your HyperFlex HX Datastore: provision, expand, mount/unmount and delete HX Datastores. It can also deploy Virtual Machines (VMs) rapidly using HyperFlex efficient native cloning technology.

Automate your converged and hyperconverged infrastructure with the same tool, UCS Director

Many customers have enjoyed Cisco UCS Director infrastructure automation capabilities on Cisco converged infrastructure platforms such as FlexPod, vBlock or FlashStack. As you introduce hyperconvergence in your data center, it is important to know that you can benefit from the same powerful and robust automation and orchestration tool as in the rest of your data center. UCS Director is your common platform for managing both your converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, simplifying the management of all your workloads.

Cisco HyperFlex is engineered on Cisco UCS and provides end-to-end simplicity, speed and scalability across storage and networking configurations.

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