When we launched Cisco HyperFlex back in 2016, our goal was to deliver customers a next generation hyperconverged infrastructure platform that would transform both their data centers and businesses. Today, we continue to live out that promise with industry-leading innovations in multicloud (learn more) and co-innovations with our technology partners (see new solutions). Most importantly, we are delivering these innovations with the highest performance and lowest TCO for our customer’s mission critical applications (Read ESG’s HCI Performance Testing).

As exciting as delivering product innovations is, the best part of my job is meeting with our customers around the world and hearing how our innovations have transformed their lives and businesses. I hear stories of how Cisco HyperFlex has given them the confidence to dream bigger than their data centers; how it has enabled their IT teams to help revolutionize their businesses, and sometimes entire industries.

The Port of Shanghai is one example of the many stories I’ve heard.

With China’s growing economy and changes in the global supply chain, the Port of Shanghai knew they had to make a change. They were already the largest and busiest port in the world and were only getting busier, with the volume of port shipments growing rapidly. One answer could be to build more ports, another to add more operators and equipment. Both logically helping with the increased volume… But space for new ports was limited and adding more operators and equipment would have actually had the opposite effect since it would increase traffic and inefficiencies.

So, the Port of Shanghai strategically made a choice to digitally transform their port. This would drive productivity through deploying a port intelligence system that increases port automation and increases the efficiency of all port resources. Their IT team needed to deliver a next generation infrastructure to their business that would give them the performance and scalability they needed for this mission critical port intelligence system. The benefits they are seeing are amazing.

Hear Port of Shanghai’s Story and see how their innovation is helping change the global shipping industry with Cisco HyperFlex.


And I encourage you to dream big as well.

If Cisco HyperFlex helps the world’s busiest port get even busier, how can it help you transform your business today?


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Kaustubh Das

SVP and General Manager

Cloud & Compute