In the era of digitalization, mobile, social and the Internet of Everything, Data Center and Cloud infrastructure are more and more representing a strategic business asset for organizations of all kind.  Companies are looking into how to best design, scale and integrate the various components in order to leverage synergies and simplify management. Application uptime of 24×7 is now the norm and Fast IT is not just a marketing message but rather a desire for everyone.

According to a IDC study, worldwide data will grow from 4.4 zettabytes today to a whopping 44 zettabytes by 2020.  How do you create a SAN that can efficiently handle a 10-fold increase in data in just 5 years without breaking your IT budget?

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Like a tsunami, the proliferation of data threatens to overwhelm the capacity of the average storage area network (SAN). The latest Cisco  solutions can help you define and create a much more efficient network that reduces operating costs, simplifies management, and increases flexibility while scaling easily to meet your future requirements. Cisco’s latest offering benefits from the latest and greatest innovations in hardware, software, ASIC design and architectural approach, leading to improved performance, higher availability, unmatched scalability and simplified operations.

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16G MDS Portfolio 

The MDS portfolio is wide and differentiated, so that every customer’s need can be accommodated in the best possible way. Starting from fixed configuration switches, passing via multiservice appliances and landing to mission critical directors, the Cisco MDS 9000 product line has the perfect combination of price, performance and flexibility for all datacenters. The current portfolio of MDS 9000 16G FC switches includes:

  • CISCO MDS 9148S: a fixed configuration fabric switch, from 12 up to 48 16G FC ports, wire speed
  • CISCO MDS 9250i: a multiservice node with wire speed performance on all ports, up to 40 16G FC ports, 8 FCoE ports and 2 1/10G FCIP or iSCSI ports.
  • CISCO MDS 9706: a mission critical director-class device with up to 192 16G FC or 10G FCoE wire speed ports, ready for 32G FC and 40G FCoE connectivity
  • CISCO MDS 9710: a mission critical director-class device with up to 384 16G FC or 10G FCoE wire speed ports, ready for 32G FC and 40G FCoE connectivity
  • CISCO FC and FCoE networking portfolio is further enhanced by several products under the Nexus product line.

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Discover how you can protect your existing Fibre Channel (FC) investments while extending FC SAN connectivity to 100 percent of your network servers with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). See how Cisco customers are adopting and benefiting from the Cisco storage solution as we present:

  • Basic requirements for a converged SAN
  • SAN topology options for various scenarios
  • Network design considerations, including zoning, oversubscription ratios, PortChannels, virtual SANs (VSANs)
  • Best practice designs, including sample deployment diagrams, for FC, FCoE, and hybrid environments

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Tony Antony