Digital transformation is happening NOW.   Your smartphone is your bank branch.   Your mouse and PC are quickly replacing brick and mortar stores. As consumers, we have the tendency to seek alternatives when we don’t get want we want, when we want it.

If you’re in IT, you are already feeling the pain. The modern enterprise has become user-centric instead of IT-centric.  Line of business, application developers and DevOps teams expect you to define, offer and deliver services where, when and how they want. When you don’t, they go around you.

The benefits of transforming IT to an as-a-service model are well known and yet the pace has been slow. The reasons for this are complex as change is swirling around business models, customers, application development as well as your data center.   Now add the fact that all these changes are happening at once along with the reality that every business is different and you have the formula for slow transformation.

Years of managing data and accelerating organizations has taught Cisco precisely what is needed to transform your business. There are four pillars to transformation but I am focusing on one element: automation.   Automation allows your data center, and ultimately your business, to respond faster by replacing manual, trouble-ticket processes with consistent, automated service delivery.  The cornerstone to Cisco’s enterprise automation is Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.     Watch this video to learn more.

This refreshed solution combines two award winning products into a single solution that simplifies data centers, delivers freedom of choice to business and applications teams while maintaining control with built-in governance, usage and workload placement policies.

The ITSM component delivers on-demand consumption of data center and business services.  The cloud management component empowers modeling and deployment of applications across 20 different data center, private and public environments.  The IaaS component provisions and manages resources across compute, network and storage with built-in security and isolation models, governance and usage rules.

  • Gone is the need to install every component before your business experiences the ROI and benefits of automation
  • Gone is the tug of war between IT and application teams
  • Gone are the long wait times after submitting a resource request only to find the need to debug before you can start coding

Every business is different so you need a better approach to automation.  Cisco’s modular automation and subscription-based licensing enables you to tackle your immediate pain points and grow organically from there.   IT needs speed and agility? Install infrastructure automation.  Shadow IT a problem? Install cloud management. Your business experiences the benefits from prompt benefits of automated service delivery while your employees adjust to the new processes as well as the faster response.

We have found that this modular approach delivers a number of benefits:

  • Business experiences efficiencies faster (remember you are addressing your worst pain points first)
  • Resistance to automation is reduced as customers experience the benefits and want more
  • Developers experience consistent infrastructure instances and IT professionals are freed up to focus on new opportunities

Digital transformation is happening now but Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite makes it possible to transform your business, achieve simplicity and provide freedom of choice for application teams so your business can scoop up new opportunities as quickly as they materialize.

Want to go deeper? Watch this video.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco