Smart devices give us access to information and services at the speed of need. But they have conditioned us to expect anything and everything faster — and that includes IT services. This expectation for speed coupled with modern technology is driving IT innovation.  Yet, in most organizations, delivery of consistent infrastructure to application or business teams is just not fast enough.  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite contains infrastructure automation that changes that by letting you deliver IT services within minutes.

A component of the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, Cisco UCS Director was introduced over two years ago and has proven to deliver consistent infrastructure instances across Cisco and multi-vendor compute, network, storage and virtualization components within minutes.  Customers frequently comment on the following outcomes:

  • Efficiency: operational efficiencies that are a result of consistent infrastructure delivery virtually eliminating rework or expensive troubleshooting delays experienced from human configuration errors
  • Staffing: ability to delegate junior IT staff to infrastructure duties, which frees up experienced staff to focus on more strategic projects
  • Innovation: IT’s ability to manage more infrastructure with the same staffing levels opens up opportunities for the business to allocate resources towards implementing new products and solutions

Nevertheless, as organizations automate their infrastructure in preparation for private cloud, they find that a single time-consuming procedure needs to be expedited: the configuration of network connectivity and security policies associated with virtual application services.  Trust Cisco to automate networking.  The combination of Cisco UCS Director and Virtual Application Container Services (VACS), simplifies the delivery of pre-configured networking, compute and storage elements to get your moving faster.  Watch this video to learn more.


Cisco VACS  delivers preconfigured virtual services, switching, workflow automation and configuration tools to streamline the configuration of policy definitions for virtualized applications.

Working in tandem with VACS, Cisco UCS Director combines the virtual network fabric and services with compute, storage and virtualization components to deliver infrastructure templates. These templates deliver infrastructure pre-configured to the specific application’s needs, such as Puppet on Windows, SQL with high availability, dev/test environments or multi-tier generic infrastructure instances.

Now for the real magic.  The built-in Stack Designer with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite enables application architects to combine infrastructure templates with application components to create automated application services.  These application services can be deployed, via the self-service portal, into private or hybrid cloud environments within minutes.

New Stack Designer

We expect fast and consistent delivery of data center infrastructure at the speed of need.  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite allows you to deliver not only infrastructure but applications to the business within minutes accelerating time to revenue.

To learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and all its components, download our latest technical white paper.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco