Digital transformation is everywhere.  Read any technical site, blog or conference agenda.  You get can’t away from it.  But all the discussion has lead to one simple fact. Organizations that start their journey to digital position themselves to not only capture the benefits but regularly outpace industry peers.[1]

For many organizations, their digital journey begins with the deployment of a hybrid cloud. But choosing the right solution can be overwhelming.  Some solutions only address niche use cases. Others address a broader set of use cases but only after your install every single component.

Cisco has a better idea.  Watch this video.


Cisco recognizes that your business is unique. Your journey to hybrid cloud is as well.  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite simplifies your journey.  It comes with four components that can be installed one at a time — or all together.  Each component focuses on a different use case.

  • Looking for greater IT productivity?  The infrastructure automation module automates, manages and monitors the performance of Cisco and 3rd party hardware solutions.
  • Shadow IT a problem?  The cloud management component empowers development teams to deploy applications into on-premise or public cloud platforms with your usage and compliance guidelines built-in.
  • Need to reduce portal sprawl?  The service management component unifies all those self-service catalogs into an intuitive user interface for on-demand consumption of IT and non-IT services.
  • Deploy and monitor Hadoop clusters, OS and infrastructure from a single user interface via the big data automation component.

Each component comes with 100% subscription licensing so you can better align the solution cost to real business value.  You want simple, flexible licensing models. Reduced total cost of ownership.  Continuous innovation.  Subscription delivers with a lower entry cost and choice of 1-, 3- and 5-year licensing options.

Deliver business outcomes fast with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.  Increase IT productivity.  Deliver applications faster.  Provide a delightful end user experience.  Heck, before you know it, you could be at the head of the pack and your competitors are in your rear view mirror.

Learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.

[1] CapGemini Consulting and MIT Sloan Management:  How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry.



Joann Starke

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