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We are continuing to see incredible customer adoption and interest in technical aspects of HyperFlex. I often get asked on usability of the platform, especially around deployment automation and impact on daily operations. So in this blog I will point you to some cool demos that dig into variety of key aspects of our platform.

End-to-End Deployment And Expansion Including Network Configuration

Here’s a look at the HyperFlex Installer. Using a simple and intuitive wizard, the entire process takes minutes to complete and uses UCS Manager service profile templates that are optimized for hyperconverged environments.

The key to this process is that both server and network configurations are integral part of the flow and the policies automate the configuration – eliminating manual and error-prone issues that often arise in hyperconverged solutions that are limited to only compute & storage.


Intuitive Provisioning And Management

In this video you will get a chance to see our vSphere integration – all daily operations can be done using this familiar interface.

Key cluster information is displayed in a single tab. The environment is always optimized using dedupe and compression and savings figures are displayed in a single tab along with information about the state of the cluster.


Instant Clones and Snapshots Without Performance Impact

In these videos you can learn more about the common operations of clones and snapshots.

Clones are offloaded to the HX Data Platform. Our native clones are instant and space-efficient, and the wizard allows to create a one or multiple clones in a single operation. The demo shows creation of a 100 clones in a minute, demonstrating how simple and quick this operation is for admins.


Similarly, snapshots are offloaded to the HX Data Platform. You can continue using the same snapshot manager and either take a single snapshot or set an hourly, daily or weekly schedule. Since we do not use redo logs, admins eliminate performance impact and challenges at scale.


Monitoring and Alerts

Monitoring the HyperFlex environment is extremely easy and flexible. On top of basic monitoring in the summary tab, this demo shows how to customize detailed information for various time intervals. You will also see how our platform proactively alerts admins on various types of hardware, software and system utilization events.


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Gil Haberman

Product Manager

HyperFlex Product Marketing