Today Cisco partner Commvault announced its Commvault IntelliSnap® technology is now integrated with Cisco HyperFlex™

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The Difference between Data and Oil

Over the past few years you may have heard the quote, “data has become the new oil.” The argument can be made, however, that data is much more than just the new oil.

Businesses have begun to look for ways to leverage analytics, data management, and IoT while storing a vast amount of data to gain valuable insights, and competitive advantages. Hearing that, one may assume that data is fueling the business similar to how oil fuels a machine. Nevertheless, there are a few critical components of data that make it different and more valuable than oil to your business.

Unlike oil, data is constantly being created and growing exponentially, while oil is a finite resource. Additionally, oil is destroyed after use, while data can and should be used again. (Storage Storage Storage). Yes, companies look to mine, extract, and process data much like they do with oil. However, businesses are facing new challenges because of the growth of data from numerous business applications and the need to store data. Businesses are turning their focus to ensuring data is protected and that it is readily available no matter where they are.

Protecting your business’ “natural” resource

So how do we keep up with the changing times, and ensure this valuable resource remains valuable?

Well, the new normal is a data center where data and applications exist across different platforms and one of the biggest drivers of this new normal is Hyperconvergence. The HCI market has grown over 80% because it offers simplicity, consolidation, and a more cloud-like experience on premises. This in turn allows companies to scale and take advantage of their data.

Cisco HyperFlex provides a modernized solution that allows businesses to have that cloud-like experience and is built for mission-critical application and agile-resource provisioning and helps simplify the complexity in your data center.  Now with the integration of Commvault Intellisnap® as businesses look to leverage the critical applications they run and take advantage of the data they create, Commvault serves as a line of defense.

Commvault Software and ScaleProtect ™ with Cisco UCS® protect Cisco Hyperflex with a solution optimized for:

  1. Accelerated digital transformation
  2. Mission-critical enterprise applications
  3. Simplified management with auto-discovery, automated self-provisioning and customizable policies
  4. Seamless use of public clouds — with migration to and from 40+ cloud providers
  5. And much more

What that means is that together Cisco and Commvault can ensure that this valuable “natural” resource remains yours and you are able to maximize its value to your business.

Value in transporting resources

Moving forward, as businesses look to move this valuable resource (unlike oil which can be costly to move) Commvault and Cisco understand that data portability is critical. And for that reason, this integration provides you the flexibility to protect and move data to and from Cisco HyperFlex™ as business dictates. Again, this highlights the importance of the work that has been done to ensure our customers always have access to their data.

Simply put, businesses ask themselves these three questions as they start to take this IT journey:

  1. Is a digital transformation underway or planned?
  2. Am I looking for a single data management platform and control across all infrastructure environments?
  3. Do I have the control I need to quickly leverage my data when market conditions and business needs require?

Cisco, Commvault, and our partners are here to help you leverage the real fuel that drives your business. Let’s start the conversation. 

Everything you need to know in 3 Bullets:

For Customers:

  1. Single solution for data migration and protection integrated with and optimized for HyperFlex
  2. Maximum agility with pay as you go model
  3. Robust – scales and meets all data migration and growth needs

For Partners

  1. Available on Cisco Global Price List (GPL)
  2. Accelerate Cisco HyperFlex adoption
  3. Offer customers support and protect all workloads with a single, industry leading solution that easily scales up or scale-out with cloud-like consumption models

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Brandon Copeland

Ecosystem Partner Marketing Manager

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