Tuesday Girish blogged about the new UCS Innovations and at the end of this post there is a list of other blogs with more details on other updates.

Today I’ll go a bit more in-depth on what’s new for UCS Mini & M-Series Modular Servers.


UCS Mini

The long awaited 2nd chassis support is now shipping. Now if you need more than eight blades for your small / medium business, remote / branch office, or in your data center for physical isolation, wait no more! You can now have a total of 16 blades and up to four rack servers.

We’ve also added support for the B420 M4 server if you need a 4-socket powerhouse supporting 3TB of memory for your large database needs. Support for SMB Direct has also been added.

What can UCS Mini do for you? Check out these solutions for integrated infrastructure, business applications, and storage. Then let your imagine run wild.

What are customers saying about Mini?


UCS M-Series Modular Servers

Part of Cisco’s composable infrastructure, M-Series is designed for scale out applications and dense compute. There are two key updates.

First is support for the unified release of UCS Manager 3.1. Now M-Series is on the same release as B-Series, C-Series, and UCS Mini. Now you can easily mix and match your computing needs in the same UCS domain. Did I mention UCSM 3.1 is HTML 5 based!

Four new cartridges have been released. Two each for the M142 and M1414 models featuring the Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v4 series processors including Iris Pro graphics integrated GPU. The Iris Pro GPU can accelerate a variety of graphical applications like remote desktops.


I encourage you to read these blogs for full coverage on the updates.

If you will be at Cisco Live Berlin (February 15-19), you should attend PSODCT-2000 Composable Infrastructure: Theory and Practice for M-Series and BRKCOM-1123 for a UCS Mini Overview. You will find me in the World of Solutions with both products. Hope to see you there.


Bill Shields

Senior Marketing Manager

Product and Solutions Marketing Team