The possibilities that are opened up through technology are truly amazing. Not only in the places you would expect to see IT, but in our everyday lives. Innovation is seeping into the day-to-day activities we all participate in—from parking our cars to the accessibility of the water we drink. This innovation is the Internet of Everything (IoE) unfolding before our eyes, in our own cities.

What Will Your City Look Like Tomorrow?

Cisco has been talking quite a bit about the idea of digital cities—the (very real) concept that common city services can be “sensored,” connecting smart devices through the cloud and enabling a new and improved experience for citizens. Putting the network at the center of city planning has many benefits, for both officials and residents alike.

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City governments can better serve their communities by using technology to make information more readily accessible. Having a robust network that supports information and communication technologies (ICT) can help enable instant notification if an emergency situation arises, allowing for officials to take immediate action. And, operating on a converged infrastructure allows for centralized IT, which simplifies management and enables cities to meet economic requirements and increase environmental sustainability.

For residents, benefits of an intelligent network are numerous and span a wide array of activities. At home, at work, at school—even at the doctor’s office or when running errands—people are staying connected and making their must-do’s more convenient and hassle free with easy-to-access services.

Imagine the possibilities with a connected network: Taking a fitness class is as simple as tuning in from your own living room. Before you head out for a few errands, you can locate and reserve a parking spot, and receive personalized discounts and offers upon entering a store that fit your purchasing behavior. While you’re out, you may notice less traffic congestion, cleaner streets, and maybe even less waste of resources in the buildings surrounding you—all thanks to sensors communicating with smart devices that are helping traffic to flow more smoothly, control trash buildup, and ensure electricity is not being wasted on empty rooms.

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Adrian den Hartog

Senior Marketing Manager

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