Cisco is pleased to announce the latest version of the UCS Manager Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM).  This new version ( is posted on the Cisco Communities website. The plug-in provides health monitoring and status checking.

Oracle customers who are using OEM to manage all of their Oracle databases, applications, middleware and related infrastructure desire the ability to monitor the underlying system infrastructure.  While the open XMI API of UCS Manager can communicate directly to OEM, this no cost plug-in puts this data into a common user friendly format.  This allows you to monitor your entire Oracle infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Key Features of this Version Include:

  • Monitoring of fans and PSU in the UCS domain
  • Support for UCS-Mini and UCS Manager Release 3.0

Leading Features of the OEM 12c Plug-in Include:

  • Monitor all system components
  • Server details, CPU, memory, etc.
  • Health status/environmental
  • Network – data transfer, pause, loss, error
  • Configuration details, firmware, identifier pools
  • Exposing native Cisco events and incidents

Support Details:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R3+ (
  • UCS Manger 2.1+
  • Oracle Linux (RHEL Kernel) or RHEL
  • All M3/M4 B-Series Blade Servers
  • All C-Series Rack Optimized Servers managed by UCSM 2.1+


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Bill Shields

Senior Marketing Manager

Product and Solutions Marketing Team