A number of useful scripts have been entered in the UCS PowerTool/PowerShell contest. Here is what’s been happening since the 11th.

Email UCS Fault One-Liner

Joshua Barton won the 2nd prize for the best one-line script. He showed the power of the integration of UCS and PowerShell with a script then sends an email for any faults that get generated. He wasn’t done there!

UCS Backup

Also by Joshua Barton, a script with four different types of backups for a UCS Domain. Great
work Joshua!

UCS Manager LDAP Config

Submitted by Alberto Yanes (our first prize winner!) Script integrates UCS Manager into LDAP
for security.

Deploy a UCS Environment from Scratch

Cisco’s Tim Cerling (Technical Marketing Engineer) submitted his second script. The script
reads an XML file that contains all the necessary settings for pools, policies, templates, and profiles.  It is designed to deploy either FC or FCoE environments, but it is modular in nature,
allowing for additional components, such as iSCSI or SMB, to be added.

Connect/Disconnect Many UCS Managers to UCS Central

Also submitting his second script was Cisco’s Chris Atkinson, Technical Marketing Engineer. This script configures all policy resolution to GLOBAL.  Script can be modified to change to local/global.

Cisco’s Joe Martin went on a run and submitted five scripts!

Get UCS Serial Numbers

Just like it sounds, it pulls the serial numbers for your UCS equipment.

UCS Fibre Channel Zoning

This script will generate the Aliases, Zones and Zone Sets for either Brocade or Cisco MDS/Nexus.

Setup a New UCS Domain

This script will completely build a UCS system from the ground up. Similar to Tim’s, it uses a
separate config file so that the same base script can be used with multiple different config files.

Access UCS KVM

Access a KVM across multiple UCSM domains from a single interface.

Find a UCS Blade

Ever needed to find that one UCS blade when you have multiple chassis spread across more than one chassis? This script might just help you out.


If you missed the first contest update, there were scripts submitted for: renaming Hyper-V NICs, inventory and fault collection to SQL, UCS Health Check, and the first new UCS domain config.

Maybe you could use them in your environment? To review these scripts and participate in the contest, head over to the Cisco Communities. You don’t have to be a programmer to participate! Leave comments and vote on what you think would be helpful in your UCS environment. 

We will announce the finalists at Microsoft TechEd 2014 and announce the grand prize winner at Cisco Live 2014 during a DevNET Zone event. You don’t have to submit scripts to participate! You are encouraged to review, comment, and share best practices. Use the Twitter hashtag #CiscoScripts to share.

We’d again like to thank all of our distinguished PowerShell judges: Jeffrey Snover, Rob Willis, Don Jones, Hal Rottenberg, & Thomas Maurer.


Bill Shields

Senior Marketing Manager

Product and Solutions Marketing Team