Delivering on the promise of Big Data and Analytics takes an ecosystem of partners who collaborate to integrate the underlying technologies so your organization can turn data into business value – faster. That’s why Cisco and MapR are teaming to deliver integrated solutions that are transforming the way organizations deploy and capitalize on the value of Hadoop technology.

The Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with MapR solution combines the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop with Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data, which unifies computing, storage, connectivity, and management capabilities. This validated solution delivers an industry-leading architectural platform for Hadoop-based applications.

Cisco and MapR continue to innovate to enable new customer use cases. MapR Senior Solutions Architect, Dr. James Sun, provides an excellent example on his latest blog on Dockerizing Apache Webservers with Cisco UCS, Apache Mesos and MapR.

Our joint customers are realizing the benefits.

Liaison Technologies provides cloud-based solutions to help enterprises integrate, manage, and secure their data. When the company decided to add big data applications to its strategic cloud platform, Liaison Technologies turned to Cisco and MapR. The Cisco UCS system with MapR delivers 99.999% availability and offers 80 times the improvement in performance over the legacy server infrastructure. Check out the full case study here.

Quantium, a data analytics firm located in Sydney, applies rigorous techniques of actuarial science to consumer transaction data. Quantium ensures the safety of its clients’ data using the unique MapR partitioning features that enable secure multitenancy. The UCS and MapR platform reduces query time by up to 92 percent and cuts cluster management time by up to 30 percent. Quantium data scientists are leveraging this improved performance to shorten development times to deliver new services. Read the case study for additional details.

If you’re attending Strata + Hadoop in New York City, drop by the Cisco booth to hear Jabari Norton, Senior Director Partner Alliances at MapR, during his presentation on Architecting a True Multi-Tenant Data Lake with Hadoop, on Wednesday, September 30th at 6 pm, ET. If you’re not attending Strata + Hadoop, MapR will also be participating in the StrataHadoop BigData Chat on Tuesday, September 29th at 1 pm, ET. These are great opportunities to connect directly with experts from Cisco and MapR to learn more about how our solutions can accelerate your Big Data and Analytics journey.


Gary Serda

Senior Strategic Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing