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Watch below to learn how to use the most popular features in Cisco Tetration.

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Demo: Introduction to Cisco Tetration User Interface (UI)



Demo: How to Set Up Users and Roles in Cisco Tetration




Demo: How to Create Custom Dashboard in Cisco Tetration




Demo: Using Cisco Tetration to Reduce Your Mean Time to Resolution



Demo: How to Configure Neighborhood Alerts – Cisco Tetration


Demo: How to Identify Neighborhood of Server Using Neighborhood Graphs – Cisco Tetration

Learn how to quickly identify traffic profile, communication pattern and other performance characteristics up to two logical hops.

Demo: How to Install and Configure Software Sensors in 5 Steps – Cisco Tetration


Demo: Improve Application Performance with Simplified Troubleshooting – Cisco Tetration

Cisco Tetration helps you troubleshoot when your applications are slow by providing you actionable insights.


Demo: How to Configure API’s for Cisco Tetration

How to configure API’s so you can easily integrate with northbound and southbound platforms.



Demo: How to Optimize and Troubleshoot Your Host Server – Cisco Tetration
Learn how you can troubleshoot your host server with detailed view.


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