Two years ago Swisscom AG switched to cloud-based service deployment for their customers, but unfortunately, the switch ran into a hitch …

As more customers move from landlines to mobile devices, the mobile market continues to increase in size and complexity and become more competitive. To create new revenue streams, many telcos are finding it necessary to offer a broader range of services.

Swisscom attempted to answer this challenge by introducing Dynamic Computing Services, a comprehensive cloud offering designed exclusively for Swiss businesses looking for a secure, scalable, cost-effective approach to IT. However, difficulties quickly emerged.

The inefficient automation of billing processes produced unnecessary operating costs; customers had very little transparency into the management of their cloud data; and a lack of configuration flexibility impeded getting new product features to market quickly.

Okay, so there was more than just one hitch.

Looking for a solution, Swisscom asked three top cloud vendors to play ball in a proof-of-concept demonstration. Cisco hit a home run. Proving that Swisscom’s use cases were not too challenging for them, Cisco delivered a truly dynamic, customizable solution that successfully addressed the telecom’s issues.

Having implemented Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (Cisco IAC), with customization from Cisco Services, Swisscom now offers a standardized catalog of 26 different cloud-based services and plans to expand those services’ features. They are particularly interested in deploying Cisco IAC’s multi-cloud accelerator to speed the transition from single to multi-cloud service delivery.

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For Swisscom, Cisco has proved itself to be not just a software provider, but also a trusted cloud solutions consultant that eases the hassles with hitches.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco