Cisco market share has edged up to #1 position for the Storage Networking market (FC + FCoE segments), in calendar Q2, according to the recent Storage Networking share report by Dell’Oro Group, Cisco market share grew to 46.7%, up 5.3% from last quarter.

The market share gain was supported by several factors, including:

  • New SAN product introduction and clear roadmap
  • FCoE-capable products continuing to ramp up
  • Shift in customer buying trends as they acquired packaged solutions and end-to-end architecture to scale their datacenter
  • Convergence: NX-OS as single OS, and DCNM as single management platform to manage across LAN and SAN, resonated well with customers

Read complete report: http://www.delloro.com/products-and-services/san

Demand for data center infrastructure is growing and it is very exciting to be involved with the next generation datacenter/storage products, technologies and solutions. The Storage infrastructure, an integral part of the datacenter helps to store, archive, retrieve and backup all types of data.  A high performing, scalable and flexible storage infrastructure is required to provide secure access to all devices, any time (24X7), globally. Cisco‘s architectural approach of combining storage, network, compute and management  helps to reduce cost and increase efficiency enabled customers to do more with less.

Datacenter continued to be very strong. Growth of over 30% year-over-year, demonstrate that customers continue to embrace our architecture approach in this critical space”. Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) CEO John Chambers on Q4 2014 Earnings Call

For more insight into  BU’s vision for storage networking, please check out this article (by Rajeev Bhardwaj, vice president of product management for Cisco’s data center switching), discuss about what role the networking giant sees storage playing in today’s evolving data center.

Watch Video: Picking The Next Storage Networking Protocol: Discussion between George Crump (Storage Switzerland)  and Nitin Garg (Senior Manager, Product Management, Data Center Networking, Cisco)

In a Survey (conducted by Cisco), customers were asked “What attribute you would rate the most important for your Storage Network Implementations” And given choices were 1) Scale 2) Performance 3) Ease of Management. Over 50% of the participants picked “Ease of Management”.

 The data is proliferating and customers are looking to manage their infrastructure without adding additional cost – ie doing more with less budget. Cisco introduced new innovative features to manage end to end datacenters. Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) raised the bar of SAN and LAN management by providing extensive visibility, monitoring and proactive trouble shooting capabilities across multiple domains and multiple protocols. DCNM new extensive monitoring and visibility features includes End-to-end visibility, SAN Host Path Redundancy, Switch Health Score check

Designing storage infrastructure for new applications requires careful planning and picking the right products that will help you to scale and provide flexibility to adapt to dynamic enterprise needs while not sacrificing performance. You need an infrastructure that can provide 24X7 secure access regardless of the kind of protocol used. (IP, Ethernet, FC, FCoE, iSCSI or ,FICON).  The architecture should support the traditional storage architectural requirements for block and file storage along with the new requirements to support big data and object storage for the cloud.

MDS 9000 Innovation

Bottom Line

The architectural approach along with strong product portfolio and industry partnership helped Cisco Storage Networking market share to edged up to #1 position.  Cisco storage networking products delivers, optimized physical and virtual resources, reduced operating cost, and decreased capital expenditures. Cisco along with its partners provides tested and validated solutions that enable customers to deploy end to end datacenter solutions hassle free.

Storage networking is an integral part of over all data center architecture and Cisco ‘s architectural approach of combining storage, network, compute and management  helps to reduce  cost and increase efficiency, increase  responsiveness and l simplify management and operations.

Cisco provides choices for their customers –  it’s about multiprotocol convergence, it’s about scale and it’s about intelligence. Cisco is a leader in providing both choice and value for server and storage connectivity.

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