There has been a revolutionary change in the conversation over IT’s role within your business.  Once centered on reducing costs, today’s conversation centers on how IT can move with greater speed and flexibility.  Why the change?

The answer is simple– the digitization of business.   You don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to notice that our technical acuity has increased and our patience for multiple week service delivery has decreased.  Your customers expect self-service access to services that get delivered within minutes.

To meet these expecations your need to transform your technology, tools and processes.   The centerpiece to this transformation is automation, which translates manual tasks into automated workflows permitting IT to become proactive and a key contributor to your business acceleration.

Cisco’s solution for enterprise transformation is the self-service hybrid cloud.  Hybrid cloud management is a way of transforming the consumption, delivery and management of IT and application resources.   Cisco’s goal is to provide your IT organization with the ability to say “we have the technology and tools to meet your service expectations both on premise and off.”

The cornerstone to Cisco’s hybrid strategy includes two solutions, Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cisco CloudCenter; both of which are 2016 award-winning solutions.  Enterprise Cloud Suite simplifies the data center by providing a foundational layer of infrastructure automation.  Cloud Center delivers hybrid cloud management to approximately 20 different data center, private and public platforms.

TechWise TV has released their latest episodeTechWise which explains Cisco’s self-service hybrid strategy and includes a demo of CloudCenter’s ability to model, deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud platforms.

But wait there’s more. Register now for a follow-on workshop that includes a live conversation and deep dive demo with TechWise Robb Boyd and Cisco’s Zack Kielich on Thursday August 18th.

The pace of today’s business is relentless and IT is working hard to keep up.   Expectations from your customers are higher while application and business teams expect hybrid access to data center, private or public platforms. Provide your organization with the speed and agility it needs and workload platform choice so you can take advantage of new revenue opportunities faster.   Watch the latest TechWise TV episode and then attend our live workshop on August 18th and investigate Cisco’s hybrid cloud solution.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco