Companies’ expectations of IT keep increasing as the pace of business intensifies, creating greater demand for new services and faster access to resources and data.  If you have been reading my blogs, you know that THE way for IT to keep pace with the speed of business is automation. But buyers beware.

IT automation solutions are difficult to create with multiple products that carry a la carte pricing models and licensing models tied to hardware. The hassles are obvious, and that model doesn’t help IT automate effectively. What is necessary is full functionality automation software that offers simplified pricing and licensing options as well as unified automation that delivers broad coverage for diverse environments. So Cisco offers exactly that.  Watch this video to learn how.


Peter VOD1

Cisco ONE Software for Data Center makes it easy to automate at a pace comfortable to your business.   The Cisco ONE Foundation Suite lets you master basic automation at the compute level.



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Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers broad automation across  multiple  layers of  your organization as well as connectivity to hybrid cloud resources.




Next Cisco makes it easy to buy.  Cisco ONE Software for Data Center delivers  modern  pricing providing the Foundation and Enterprise Cloud Suite suites as  inclusive solutions — no pieces parts or a la carte pricing. Best of all, these bundles  are not tied to hardware, so upgrades or changes to your infrastructure do not  translate into new purchases for software licenses.

Automation can be challenging and represents new processes, tools and ways of doing business. But it is the key to achieving the agility and efficiencies business expects.  Therefore, Cisco has made it easy to acquire the automation you need at a pace that suits your business.  Learn more about Cisco ONE Software for Data Center or the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.


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