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Demos: Manage Your Data Center Switches through Comprehensive APIs with Cisco NX-OS

- February 13, 2018 - 0 Comments

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Programmatically provision and configure switches through comprehensive APIs !

Open Cisco NX-OS Software is the industry’s most extensible, open, and programmable network operating system. It enables network automation and allows customers to programmatically provision and configure switches through comprehensive APIs, utilizing tools provided by Cisco and open-source third party solutions. Powerful capabilities include zero touch provisioning and network telemetry for top notch security.

Data Center Operating SystemIntroduction to Programmability (2:51)

Watch Gerard Sheehan give an introduction on how you can lower your company’s operating costs and increase productivity with automation.

Data Center Operating SystemCisco In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU): NX-OS Software Updates with Zero Downtime (2:25)

Enhanced ISSU enables you to upgrade NX-OS software while the Nexus Switch continues to forward traffic; this reduces downtime typically caused during software upgrades or maintenance windows.

Data Center Operating SystemNX-OS Streaming Telemetry: Identify Network Issues Proactively and Prevent Outages (4:52)

Shane Corban gives an overview on one of the newest and most powerful capabilities of Cisco Nexus data center switches. When outages or problems occur, network administrators and engineers cannot quickly identify and remedy the situation, leading to extended downtime. A new approach was needed to address these core network visibility limitations, architected on a modern flexible software based approach, giving customers the ability to tune, modify and collect what they care about from a network visibility perspective, easily and efficiently. For Nexus switching platforms and our industry leading network operating system NX-OS, the solution is NX-OS Software Streaming Telemetry.

Data Center Operating SystemDemo: Integration Streaming Telemetry from NX-OS into a Monitoring Dashboard (4:24)

Learn how you can integrate streaming telemetry data into a monitoring dashboard in a matter of minutes.

Data Center Operating SystemIntroduction to DevOps (2:45)

Learn how you can build a more agile and automated organization with DevOps. DevOps is the utilization of Lean and Agile techniques to combine development and operations into a single IT value stream. This helps bridge the gap between Agile Software Development and Operations.

Data Center Operating SystemInfrastructure as a Code Using YANG, OpenConfig and YDK (4:27)

Infrastructure as a Code Using YANG, OpenConfig and YDK, and Model-Driven Programmability Stack.

Data Center Operating SystemExtend NX-OS with NX-SDK on Cisco Nexus 9000 (2:43)

Learn how to leverage NX-SDK to achieve tighter integration of custom applications with NX-OS.

Data Center Operating SystemDemo: Tighter Integration of Custom Apps Using NX-OS (6:35)

Learn how you can use NX-SDK to get tighter integration of customer apps using NX-OS. NX-SDK is a simple, flexible and powerful tool for on-box custom applications to gain access to NX-OS infra functionalities.


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