It was in mid-March, I posted a blog about the new level of simplicity Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager (NFM) brings when configuring your fabric underlay and VXLAN overlay. Essentially…a point-and-click approach without requiring a single CLI command or any knowledge of IP protocols.

Since the release of Nexus Fabric Manager in early April, it’s gotten a high level of interest (lots of POCs) and traction, exceeding expectations from customers or all sizes and verticals. In my book…exceeding traction milestones is always a good sign that customers are seeing true value in the solution.

Team picks up the award
Proud Product Team


Yesterday, we got yet another industry validation! Judges consisting of the most influential IT practitioners, analysts and professionals who base their decisions on the technologies that “have the most significant technical impact on their segment and are helping to move business technology forward”, awarded the Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager the Best of Interop 2016 Data Center award.




At the Nexus Fabric Manager demo booth at Interop…there was a common theme to comments made by many attendees.

“This is great.  I need to get a copy into the lab for my team to test asap.”

                                          “Very cool.  But I feel kind of “dirty” using this instead of doing dozens of cli commands”

“Need to test drive this as soon as I get home…this could really simplify my life”

                 “One of the coolest and simplest GUI tools for a Cisco product”

And my Favorite

“I don’t need to learn BGP-EVPN VXLAN CLI commands?”

Salvatore Giving a Demo
Salvatore Giving a Demo


At the end of the day….It’s always easy to win awards when you have a great product that helps customer solve their problems!

I invite you to read my March blog on NFM and also visit the NFM website for more information on how NFM can help you simplify your job/life…or for a quick overview,  watch this short NFM overview video to get a good idea what NFM is all about.


Dave Dhillon

Product Marketing Manager

Data Center Solutions Team