Cisco launched MDS 9250i Multiservice Switch, the Next Gen storage services platform in 2013 and today we are announcing the general availability of MDS 9250i Multiservice Switch, the first fixed 16GFC platform available in the MDS series.

The MDS 9250i eliminate service sprawl and offers a single platform for multiprotocol storage, like Fibre Channel, FCoE, FICON, FCIP, and iSCSI. On top of being a protocol multi-tool, the MDS 9250i provides high-performance SAN Extension solutions that leverage a rich set of Storage Services (i.e  IO Accelerator (IOA), and Data Mobility Migration (DMM).) Specifically, it offers:

  • 40 Ports of line-rate16G FC,
  • 8 Ports 10GE FCoE and
  • 2 Ports 10GE FCIP/iSCSI

Cisco MDS 9250i is available through partners as of today.  Please check with OSM’s for availibility dates.



Cisco MDS 9250i competitive advantage: Multi Services, Flexibility, and Investment Protection.

Cisco MDS 9250i offers unmatched flexibility with its multi-protocol solutions for Fibre Channel, FICON, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), iSCSI and converged networking with Fibre Channel over Ethernet. Other vendors either provide disparate solutions for multi-protocol support or don’t have the performance if multi-protocol is supported.

Cisco MDS 9250i allows customers to preserve investments in Fibre Channel storage, in addition to providing an option to Fibre Channel over Ethernet if desired. For example, with up to 80Gbps of Inter-Switch Links (ISL) the MDS9250i is an excellent FC connectivity option for FCoE-enabled switches, such as the Nexus 7000 and 7700 series. This enables the consolidation of LAN and SAN networks into a single high-performance network over lossless Ethernet, therefore reducing the TCO of server network adapters, cables, and switches while improving operations agility.

What customers are saying about MDS solution !

“Rapid growth is a certainty. As we upgrade our SAN infrastructure, we know that we’ll need more scalability and flexibility than ever. When it was time to upgrade our SAN switches, our requirements were high performance, easy manageability, and the ability to eventually support Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet connections in the same switch.”   Fernando Faustino, Data Center Director, TOTVS

So why you should consider MDS 9250i ?

The MDS 9250i is a single platform for Storage Services and can handle different types of applications efficiently including SAN Extension/Business continuance / Disaster Recovery solutions, FC SAN Gateway for seamless multiprotocol connectivity and data migration applications.



 SAN Extension simplifies data   protection and business continuance strategies by enabling backup, remote   replication, and other disaster-recovery services over WAN distances using  open-standards FCIP tunneling



The Cisco MDS 9250i switch servers   as a gateway between FC and FCOE SAN enabling seamless multiprotocol  connectivity


The Cisco Data Mobility Manager   (DMM) provides the ability to easily migrate data from LUN to LUN or array to   array, quickly and without disruption of access to the data.


The Cisco MDS 9250i is designed to   address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them to   deploy cost-effective but scalable, high-performance SANs. It is also ideal   for branch offices and departments in large enterprises. This switch is fully   compatible with the Cisco MDS 9700/9500 Series Multilayer Directors and the   Cisco MDS 9200 and 9100 Series Multilayer Fabric Switches for transparent,   end-to-end service delivery in large data center core-edge deployments.

Cisco brings superior manageability and usability with Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM), the single pane of glass management for the MDS, and Nexus product lines, simplifying day-to-day operations while optimizing administrator productivity.
Please contact your partner/OSM for availability. To learn more about the product please visit:

Tony Antony
Sr Marketing Manager
Data Center and Cloud Marketing



Tony Antony