Guest Blogger: John McAbel Senior Product Manager Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack

Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack now with M5 Skylake based hybrid storage options

Just in time for summer, Cisco offers new configurations for Cisco’s Azure stack solution. These newest configurations include hybrid storage (flash and SAS storage) which provide storage options from 32-96TB/server in clusters ranging from 4 to 12 nodes in increments of one. Just imagine how many Azure workloads you can deploy with this scale.  The M5 provides enhanced system capacities over the previous M4 based systems:

  • Up to 200% more memory capacity
  • Up to 50% more storage capacity
  • Up to 27% more CPU cores

The hybrid configurations expand Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack that also includes all flash configuration options.

Customers who store data that must meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR, have compliance policies that prohibit cloud use, or simply have cloud connectivity issues should look to the Cisco Azure Stack system for resolution.

And just to remind you why our system has the most competitive offer for your Azure Stack projects- Cisco is the only Azure Stack solution provider that offers:

  • World’s leading network switch standard for data connectivity and security- Cisco Nexus.
  • Composed of only Cisco components. We design, develop, manufacturer all elements therefore we control product road map and unified system support
  • Built on Cisco UCS: designed specifically to maximize performance for virtualized workloads, such as Azure Services running on Azure Stack
  • Leverage the advanced automation of UCS manager which ensures consistent node set up and ease of node addition when Microsoft enables support per their public roadmap
  • Positioned for Performance- NVMe standard, 40gE networking end to end and up to 1536 GB memory to drive more VM per server.
  • Industry leading Data Protection from Commvault for tenant VM’s and the data contained within each VM.

Microsoft Azure Stack on Cisco UCS delivers accelerated growth and innovation, provides simplified management and control, and earned confidence and trust supported by an industry-leading partnership.

Learn why customers continue to standardize on Cisco by visiting https://www.cisco.com/go/microsoft-azure-stack