In tune with changing technology trends, our data center customers are increasingly adopting a solution-focused approach, instead of a point product one, for managing and monitoring their Data Center operations. This trend is very much pronounced with intent-based networking technologies, such as ACI, that provide customers a cloud-like experience with their on-prem infrastructure.

A very understandably popular request from our customers – is to consume networking and application-delivery services together as a cohesive solution. With the goal to enable customers to do just that, Cisco and F5 collaborated and successfully announced in June 2019, the F5 ACI ServiceCenter App, a multi-function and operations focused solution, covering its key L2-L7 operational use-cases. Since the announcement, we have seen a strong uptick in customer adoption and success stories with the App, and we are pleased to announce a feature enhanced, advanced release 2.7, and what better venue than the Agility 2021 to do the same.

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter release 2.7 packs a slew of features in the visibility dashboard including:

  • Displays VIP and Node details including APIC and BIG-IP details
  • View Connections: Displays the active connections to VIP/Node
  • View Logs: Displays the BIG-IP logs with filtering options
  • View Statistics: Displays telemetry statistics for VIPs and Pools
F5 ACI ServiceCenter Screenshot
F5 ACI ServiceCenter App Visibility Dashboard

At F5 Agility 2021, Cisco leads a Panel session featuring industry stalwarts in application networking (L4-L7 services). The Panel session titled, “Facilitate application agility and data center automation with F5 & Cisco”, features Cisco, F5 and a joint Customer and focuses on the customer challenges and operational use-cases related to data center automation, flexibility, and application-centric architectures.

Check out the F5 Agility 2021 Sessions catalog and register for the event.

I want to close my thoughts by giving you the most eagerly awaited download URL for the latest App version 2.7. In addition, I would like to encourage our readers to enjoy a couple of our latest thought leadership videos featuring exec leadership members from Cisco Data Center Business Group with F5 Networks. The videos elaborate on the importance of this partnership and the significance of this new phase of integration for customers (related links below). Last, but not least, please mark the Panel session in your calendar and learn how Nixdorf benefited from the ServiceCenter App and the visibility use case.

Download the ServiceCenter App to get started. 


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Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Datacenter Solutions