Hi all,

As we continue to expand on the conversation of the Cisco Open Network Environment (Cisco ONE), this week provides yet another educational opportunity (Register here) to discuss a topic that has become some what top of mind to customers, partners and even investors alike. This is the topic of open source in networked environments.  While Cisco has always been known for open standards,  it has now stepped up into the open source conversation in a fairly big way over the couple of years with its contributions to both OpenStack and the more recent OpenDaylight project under the Linux foundation.


The number of networking companies participating in open source projects has definitely risen.  And so have the questions:

– What is the difference between open source vs. open standards?

– When is it appropriate to use open source code? Who will support it?

– Are there any security implications with open source?

– What is OpenDaylight?

So it is great timing to host a webcast that digs into some of these questions and more. Joining me and Cisco’s Michael Enescu, CTO of Open Source Initiatives will be one of the foremost exponents of Open Source – Dan Frye of IBM and Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation – home of the world’s biggest open source project. It should be an interesting hour  discuss one of the hottest topics in open networking. Join us for the webcast and bring your questions along.


Shashi Kiran

Senior Director, Market Management

Data Center, Cloud and Open Networking