Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that solves the toughest problems.

Line of business managers rely on SAP solutions to run their business.  These same SAP solutions require a landscape of servers, aka SAP Landscape to efficiently support all the system types deployed (e.g. S4, ERP, BW, CRM, SCM, HANA). But, as companies scale their SAP Landscape, they are often siloed, sprawled across multiple domains, or running on outdated  and inefficient systems. System response slows and line of business users start to point fingers at the IT organization to fix the latency and slow response.

Whether you need to run SAP applications and databases faster, migrate databases, manage data in a diverse landscape, or run SAP deployments locally or in containers in multicloud environments, Cisco® HyperFlex systems can help. Cisco offers simple and  easy-to-deploy, high-performance hyperconverged virtual server platforms that provide an excellent solution for both SAP HANA databases and SAP landscapes. You can use Cisco HyperFlex solutions to deploy SAP application servers, fully virtualized SAP application  servers, and other non-HANA virtual servers on the same hyperconverged infrastructure.

Cisco HyperFlex All NVMe for SAP HANA and SAP Landscape

Now certified by SAP for both HANA and Landscape applications, the HyperFlex 220c M5 All NVMe node ushers in a new era in hyperconverged infrastructure performance for the most latency-sensitive workloads. Using Intel® Xeon® processors,  Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs  for SAP HANA in HCI deployments provides excellent support for high-performance, high-capacity clusters that delivers the simplicity of hyperconvergence with the scale required for the SAP Landscape.

Here are just a few examples of the value add HyperFlex All NVMe delivers for SAP deployments:

  • Scales with agility. Cisco HyperFlex systems provide a single, massively scalable data store that puts your SAP data in a place where it can be quickly retrieved and sent for processing. Independent scaling allows you to start small and scale to support hundreds or thousands of users and petabytes of data. As you add nodes to the cluster to expand capacity, data is automatically rebalanced across shared resources.
  • Provides faster access to capacity and bandwidth. The distributed architecture of Cisco HyperFlex systems allows every virtual machine to use the storage input/output IOPS and capacity of the entire cluster, regardless of physical location. Running your SAP Landscape and database on the same cluster further reduces latency and delivers results.
  • Improves storage efficiencies. Cisco HyperFlex All NVMe systems optimize storage tiers for an excellent balance between price and performance. Data is continuously optimized with real-time, always-on deduplication, compression, and optional encryption, helping reduce your storage costs without affecting database or application performance.
  • Simplifies application delivery. Cisco HyperFlex systems allow you to run your SAP applications and databases on one platform and get predictable performance line of business owners require. All storage devices are combined into a distributed, multitier, object-based data store. A purpose-built, scale-out file system dynamically distributes data across the data store to accelerate read and write operations.

Gain visibility and insight to application performance

If your SAP based organization is like most, you need a more holistic view of your SAP landscape. Cisco offers solutions to provide visibility and insights into your SAP landscape.

  • Cisco Intersight™, a cloud-based, software as a service (Saas) management platform, radically simplifies the steps needed to deploy and maintain a healthy infrastructure foundation on your premises, at the edge, or across your global enterprise. Extending Cisco Intersight with Cisco Workload Optimizer lets you bridge the gap between your SAP S/4HANA applications and IT resources with more focused insights.
  • Application Dynamics for SAP workloads provides visibility into the interdependencies between your applications and infrastructure so that you can uncover bottlenecks and automate actions. And with the recently launched AppDynamics SAP Peak Edition , SAP customers can review business performance scenarios through a single dashboard. AppD SAP Peak edition creates a single, integrated module that combines the power of AppD SAP ABAP Monitoring solution with Deep SAP Insights capabilities (formerly SAP ABAP Stack Monitoring) with AppD Transaction Analytics engine, enabling deeper and broader visibility your SAP landscape

Translate your intent—what you want to accomplish—into infrastructure and application configuration, ongoing management, and  proactive optimization—to unite, simplify, and  automate your management experience.

Cisco and SAP: Innovation that delivers more for less

For years, we’ve worked with SAP to help ensure that SAP databases and applications run best on Cisco solutions. Our teams work together to produce best practices codified in Cisco Validated Designs that accelerate deployment and reduce risk, helping you improve your return on investment (ROI).

With Cisco HyperFlex All NVMe  with Intel Intel® Optane™ SSDs , unleash the potential of your SAP application data, accelerate SAP application delivery, and produce better business outcomes.

For more information about Cisco Solutions for SAP, visit our website at www.cisco.com/go/ucssap. Read more about HyperFlex All NVMe solutions.



Maggie Smith

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing