You are probably thinking I have the most exciting job in Silicon Valley. In June 2014, I was leading Cisco ACI at the EMEA (Copenhagen) edition of F5 Agility. Next week, amidst a glorious New York autumn, I will be at the glittering Times Square for the Americas edition of F5 Agility. And you’re quite right, I do have an exciting job bringing together the best of Cisco ACI and F5 technologies that helps customers accelerate applications deployment with greater agility and automation – and also having some fun in the process.

If like me, you are fortunate enough to be attending, I am sure you are looking forward to F5 CEO John McAdam’s keynote. The opening session will also have F5 Manny Rivelo, EVP of Strategic Solutions,  invite Cisco Exec Soni Jiandani on the stage as a special guest, and other fun events.

At F5 Agility 2014 New York this month, Applications take the central stage and how F5 is setting the course for the future of application solutions.  The key focus area is how to deliver fast, secure and highly available Applications.


Another key focus area is around the deployment of applications and how joint technology solutions present a tremendously powerful option for F5’s customers.  F5’s partners – and Cisco is a key partner – are a large part of Agility.  Cisco is at the event to demonstrate how its ACI technology integrates with F5 BIG-IP to improve manageability, strengthen security, and ensure faster and more successful deployments.

We have quite a few exciting things that we are showcasing at F5 Agility New York from a Cisco ACI perspective, and in this blog I want to take you on a quick tour of the highlights. As a testimony to our growing momentum with the Cisco ACI-F5 joint solution effort, we have a Panel session featuring Cisco and F5 execs, demos, business and technical breakout sessions. The event commences with F5 CEO John McAdam’s keynote on Tuesday August 5, where he will … discuss how the top trends of social, mobile, cloud, and security are affecting application delivery, and how F5 Synthesis is helping speed the shift towards an application-centric world.


Now shifting gears to Cisco led activities – Cisco Senior Director of Marketing Shashi Kiran is presenting a business breakout session titled “Cisco and F5: Building Application Centric, Service enabled Data Centers” on Wednesday August 6 at the Astor Ballroom. This session gives a detailed overview on the benefits of Cisco ACI-F5 software defined application services joint solution and the customer pain points it addresses, so do not miss this.

Attendees are in for a treat Tuesday August 5, as Cisco Exec Soni Jiandani and F5 Exec Manny Rivelo present a 20 minute Q&A session at the Broadway Ballroom. Please mark  your Calendar to come and see Soni sharing her insights on importance of Cisco ACI in the context of SDN, Cloud use-cases in the context of Cisco ACI, standardization and enablement of Orchestration and provisioning plus many more.


We also have an exciting demo at the Cisco ACI kiosk, where we are showing  the Cisco ACI and F5 BIG-IP joint solution with step-by-step illustrations of configuration, deployment and execution. The demos run Tuesdays and Wednesday at the Exhibit Hall for the entire duration of the day. Stop by our demo kiosk to get a deep-dive architecture type white-boarding or brainstorming type engagement from Cisco subject matter experts on ACI-F5 integrated solution. There are several other solution areas where Cisco and F5 are working together including F5 LTM-Cisco Nexus 7000 integration, F5 LTM-SourceFire NGIPS integration etc, so come by our demo booth to learn more.

There are several F5 led Sales and technical sessions and Labs Monday – Wednesday, showcasing the Cisco ACI-F5 joint solution. So gather with your peers, experts in the industry, and F5 technical gurus, and understand how F5 Synthesis™ and its reference architectures can address your customer’s needs today—and years from now.

To learn more on Cisco and F5  partnership visit the Cisco-F5 Alliance web page.



Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Datacenter Solutions