Application performance is vital to your business success.  Assuring application performance requires that the right amount of infrastructure is delivered to the right workload, at the right time.

How do you currently allocate resources to assure performance?  Do you guess?  Overprovision for business peaks?  Many organizations use both of these methods then rely on alerts and thresholds to monitor performance.  The cloud and internet of things have made these methods obsolete. Here’s why.

Data centers are more complex and dynamic than ever before.   Assuring application performance needs to happen in real-time.  Changes need to be made immediately when an application’s demand exceeds supply.  But not change for change sake.  Changes need to be cost efficient.

Turbonomic and Cisco have partnered to deliver Cisco Workload Optimization Manager.  This autonomic solution reacts immediately to performance issues assuring application performance at maximum efficiency.  The built-in decision engine converts your data center into an economic market where every transaction is compared across utilization (price), demand and supply.  It understands the relationship across compute, network, storage, hypervisors and your application.  Each and every decision is compared across 16 different metrics and then changes are made to assure maximum cost efficient performance is maintained.

Why an autonomic solution?  Manual provisioning and monitoring simply cannot scale.  Workloads are growing by 26%.  IT budgets are growing at a meager 3%.  How can your staff keep up?   Autonomics allows you to move at the speed of business so your business can move at the speed of the market.

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