Cisco-Splunk partnership is growing at a terrific pace. Recently, Splunk showcased Cisco as one of its top 4 partners. As a testimony to our growing momentum, Cisco is a Peta sponsor this year at Splunk .conf19, Venetian sands, Las Vegas, Oct 21-25, and I can’t wait to get inspired and energized by the experience of all the learning Splunk has to offer.

Cisco – Splunk partnership has matured with 1,000’s of joint customers, and built on top of Cisco ACI, Network Assurance Engine (NAE), Nexus 9000, UCS, Tetration, Security, Software and services. There is a new addition to the Cisco-Splunk solution portfolio, and this one features Cisco ACI with Splunk’s recent stellar acquisition SignalFx. So, it should come as no surprise that we have a big presence this year at the event.

Cisco Presence at Splunk .conf19

Cisco booth #124 is going to be the center of all exciting activities in the exhibit hall.

Riding on the success of ACI and NAE ecosystem momentum, we have forged a strong business partnership with Splunk. There is a lot on the menu in our joint integrated solutions, featuring ACI, NAE and Nexus 9000 with Splunk. Our solution suite is feature rich with comprehensive and extensible use-cases aided by the openness of our product platforms. This year we showcase all these solutions via breakouts, Theater mini-presentations and demos featuring Cisco-Splunk joint solutions, namely, Cisco ACI, NAE, UCS, Hyperflex and Security solutions.

Cisco senior ecosystem lead and Product Manager Asha Hegde is leading a Splunk Theater presentation to explain how customers are benefiting from our ACI, NAE and Nexus 9000 solutions with Splunk. Mark it on your calendar to attend Asha’s Session IT2199, on topic “Build intelligent self-assuring data center with Cisco ACI, NAE and Splunk Enterprise” Oct 22, 4 PM, to get a ringside view of our solution excitement. If you spend most of your valuable time analyzing and troubleshooting connectivity or performance issues in your data center, and wish your networks were smarter in alerting you about potential issues before it actually impacts your SLA, then Asha’s session provides the answers.

Cisco networking and analytics subject matter experts will be on site for you to engage with one-one just in case you desire a deep-dive discussion. That is not all. If you’re interested in “Intent-driven data center” demos featuring ACI, Nexus 9000 and NAE with Splunk and SignalFx, then see it live in action on the show floor throughout the event.

We also have Cisco UCS and Security solution demos to complement Data Center Networking and analytics demos. Stop by Cisco booth #124, meet our product experts to get a live demo and get a sneak preview of what’s on the roadmap between the two companies. Plus enter for a chance to win cool iPads, by downloading the ACI-Splunk App and qualifying to enter the draw. You can also enter the draw by downloading the ACI Add-on.

A snapshot of demos that runs through the week, at the Cisco booth #124:

# Demo Header Demo Subheader Description
1 Threat-Focused NGFW and Endpoints Cisco Firepower &

Cisco Endpoint Security Analytics

Network Security
2 Simple, Effective Cloud Security Cisco Umbrella Cloud Security
3 Intuitive Computing Cloud managed Cisco Converged and Hyperconverged systems UCS
4 Intent Driven Data Center ACI, Nexus 9000,

Network Assurance & Insights


In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the new ecosystem partner web page where we prominently feature ACI, and NAE solution assets with Splunk and SignalFx. What is unique about this web page? For starters, user experience like never before. With simple drop-down filters customers can get to required asset intuitively and fast. To further help in selection, we have visual logo based partner selection. You can get to the asset you are looking for in seconds. Screen-capture below illustrates the ease of use. Check out our ecosystem partner page.

Here’s our Agenda at a Glance for Splunk .conf19:

Activity Tuesday, Oct 22 Wednesday, Oct 23 Thursday, Oct 24
Installation / Dismantle 2–5 p.m.
Exhibit Hours

Sands Expo Center

10:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m. 10:30 a.m.–6 p.m. 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Cisco Sessions Solving Endpoint Security & Perimeter Blindness with Splunk Lessons from Ciscos Internal InfoSec Deployment presented by Scott Pope

1:45pm – 2:30pm

Session IT2199: Build Intelligent self-assuring data center with Cisco ACI, NAE and Splunk Enterprise

Presented by Asha Hegde

4:00pm Theater B

Session FN2285: Splunking refugees with help from NetHope and Cisco

Presented by: Corey Marshall, and Satoshi Kawasaki, Splunk


Session FN1425: Analyzing & Visualizing Streaming Telemetry Data with Splunk

Presented by Jianning Guo, Cisco


Session SEC3014: Anatomy of an Attack

Presented by Mark Stanford

1:00pm in Theater B

Session FN1486: Visualizing and Augmenting your Data with Splunk AR on your mobile device

Presented by Sulabh Agarwal, Cisco


Session IT2091: Real-world strategies for Kubernetes & docker integrations with Splunk

Presented by Ahmed Kira, Splunk and Parjinder Pannu, Cisco

3:00 – 3:45pm

Events Hall Crawl

5–7 p.m.

Search Party!

7–11 p.m.


Keynotes 9am-10:30am 9am-10:30am 9am-10am

All fun starts with the welcome Soiree Monday evening 5 PM, with plenty of opportunities to network with Splunk and Partner company execs over cocktails. More fun awaits us on Tuesday evening 5 PM with the Hall crawl, with tasty drinks and delicious foods to go with. It all culminates with the search party Wednesday evening, at Splunkville, 7 PM – 11 PM. Don’t miss the once in a lifetime Splunk city takeover, which will include live entertainment, great food and drinks, and even some fun Halloween antics.

I hope to see you all at Splunk .Conf19 this year, at Vegas. If you need additional information, feel free to check out the links below to find our latest joint innovations and assets with Splunk.



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Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Datacenter Solutions