This year we have ChefConf 2016 (Austin, Texas July 11 – 13) and Cisco Live US (Las Vegas, Nevada July 10 – 14) occurring around the same time.

We realize that customers may not be able to attend both so we made sure we’re present at ChefConf. Regardless where you’ll be, we got you covered!

At ChefConf we’ll have two of our software engineers on the floor answering your questions and demoing our NX-OS capabilities with Chef. Here is a flavor of what you’ll see.

Customers will be able to accelerate their Day 0, 1 & 2 operations to install, configure, optimize and upgrade the network to meet application and user requirements, through automation leveraging Chef.


If you’re in a DevOps or operations role, you care about bringing agility to your data center environment. This is enabled via NX-OS through the open interfaces, guestshell and bashshell access, support for common scripting languages like Python, PXE/PoAP to bring devices quickly and RPM to install 3rd party software or features/capabilities. In this whitepaper, I highlight the different use cases and how we address them based on NX-OS capabilities and openness.

To stay up to date on the latest version of the CiscoChef Module source code, visit this GitHub repository and Chef Supermarket that allow network administrators to manage Cisco Network Elements using Chef. Chef Modules for NX-OS are developed in partnership with Cisco and are opensource.

If you end up attending CLUS then you may want to consider attending these sessions around programmability and automation with NX-OS:

  1. BRKDCT-2025 – Maximize network programmability and automation with open NX-OS
  2. TECDCT-2941 – How to manage your Data Center network leveraging programmability and automation
  3. LTRDCT-1225 – Nexus 9000 DevOps & Programmability Options
  4. BRKARC-2023 – Create CSRs in AWS and Openstack and bring up a VPN tunnel between them using Ansible.
  5. BRKDCT-2459 – Programmability and automation on Cisco Nexus platforms


Rami Rammaha

Sr. Marketing Manager